Monday, 31 July 2017

Volunteering at The London Triathlon 2017!

Last weekend, as I was in London, I decided to volunteer for the London Triathlon. It was a lot of fun but very tiring! I was based at the start and end of the cycle stint and it all got very exciting. 
Click here to watch the vlog or see below!

The first day I didn't really know what to expect and I got totally lost trying to get to where I was suppose to be. I was so late...well only 15 minutes, but I hate being late! My on time is 10 minutes early! LOL!

We got a packed breakfast and we were then taken to the venue. It was only a couple minutes walk but it was crazy to see the room and everything set up. We got welcomed into the staff room (one of many) and distributed our belongings before heading down to our separate locations. 
After a lot of cone moving - those things are heavy! - and placing signs, the course was finally ready. After a quick break, we were in for a long day as triathletes started coming. I began at the top with one of my fellow volunteers, silently warning to slow down for the turn.

I was defintely expecting more of a huge group of people but instead it was quite spread out and individually peppered out.
When it started to rain, there was suddenly a fairly big accident with 3 people falling almost simultaneously. By the time it reached 6 people in the space of literally a few minutes, Allan (my team leader) decided it was time to change the course. He put me down on the outside edge shouting for people to slow down while the course was altered. Despite this, there were still around 15 more accidents. Luckily, there was an ambulance located at the sharp bend so they were all dealt with quite quickly. I was quite impressed at how quickly most of them got back up and started racing to be quite honest. 
In the end we had to change the course. It was all quite exciting and at the same time crazy. We change the course multiple times. Put up signs all over and even had paramedics standing on the course. I ended up with the most important job and shouting to "PLEASE SLOW DOWN FOR THE CORNER! IT'S VERY SLIPPY! SLOW DOWN!". Honestly, I never want to say those words out loud EVER again aha. 

I was going to take a lunch break at one point but somehow, every one else had disappeared so there was no one left to take my place. But in all reality, I quite liked it. I actually felt like I was doing something useful; everyone kept commending me on how well as I was doing because I was still doing in 5 hours later with no break. By that point, some of the others had arrived back and I had given myself a headache. I took a quick break to sit down. One of the first aiders gave me a paracetamol and just as I sat down, someone fell. Allan came over and commented that that was the first since I'd started the job. I obviously felt guilty, so I jumped straight back in. 

As soon as we were finished, I headed off home. I was so tired and as I hadn't had any lunch - bar some chocolate - hungry. I left the house at 6am and got back at 9pm, after stopping for a Burger King at Euston. Quite literally, I fell straight into bed...

Sunday started bright and early as I left the house just after 4. Instead of taking 3 tubes and a half an hour, I decided to take an uber which got me there for half past 4. Perfect timing! I helped myself to another packed breakfast and then enjoyed the wait before registering. Apparently I was too good yesterday. I was going to request to be inside because the rain silently killed me yesterday, while my throat was so coarse from shouting. Not only that, but I was absolutely exhausted.
Once again, we were ready and raring to go with our uniform and visibility vests. While I was the only one there originally to set up, when I came back to set up for the start, there was a group of cheerleaders who had finally arrived. They were such a nice group and we actually had a fair bit in common. We were also able to split the jobs so it was so much easier than yesterday.
By 9am, I had already been away 6 hours and I'd only had a couple of pieces of bread. I was starving and exhausted and I knew I was dwindling. One of the guys who had taken over the megaphone 'SLOW!', gave me back the megaphone just as someone had started to cycle up. As I said what I was saying, I began laughing and missed my message.

Seconds later, she fell and slid heart broke. I felt terrible. I'd literally just hurt her and I was distraught. As crazy as that sound, I felt like this was my burden and all my fault. Despite all the signs and prior warnings, 2 other people saying to slow job was the biggest.

I quickly gave the megaphone back...kind of rushed and ran off to get a drink. I was such a mess. Clearly I was hungry and tired so I disappeared inside, went to the toilet and then grabbed a cheese and ham toastie from the Costa. Honestly, I still felt terrible but at least I wasn't quite as shaken.

I decided to head to the bottom of the starting hill where the job isn't quite as fatal (so to speak). Sophie was as sweet as ever and came to see if I was okay. She's got such a sweet soul. I was happy and cleared my head until Allan persuaded me to go back to my post. I'm not sure he knew what had happened but at least he was still grateful for me being there.

There was about a half an hour break at midday while the course changed slightly and the group of elite prepared to come down. I was so thankful for the slower turnaround compared to yesterday. It was much easier to survive the day.

Sophie and Allan had come to have lunch with me and Sophie is literally the kindest, most down-to-earth person. I think if I knew her in reality, I would totally have her as a best friend. We literally just chatted about anything and everything. It's how I've always wanted my sister relationship to be but I know it never will be.

Before long, it was time for the start of the elite racing. By this point the cheerleaders had returned from their lunch break. Understandably, they all came together and knew each other so they went to meet another group of friends. We went to watch some of the women leave and as they neared the finish line, we raced down to our positions. I thoroughly enjoyed them racing past. It was all quite exciting! It's such a difference in pace!
It felt like eons but finally, the elite women began returning. It started with a small group of three but at the same time, it was a group! It was all very exciting and I didn't even notice that a camera was following them until after the shpiel began. Ooops.

A while later, the leaders of the male elite triathlon arrived. As soon as I saw them approach, I gulped. There was at least 20 triathletes and all of them were clumped together, side-by-side. Ignoring the fact that the corner was ridiculously slippery (it had rained again), it was also extremely narrow. It may fit three cyclists at a push but defintely not five-by-five.

I just knew there was going to be an accident and of course, my biggest fear came true when hardly any of them listened. In all honesty, I'm leading a race, I'm probably not going to slow down (too much) but boy oh boy. Unfortunately, the very front two cyclists slid and of course, the whole of the pack rode over them, albeit suddenly with breaks on. With my position being the way it was, it wasn't a great view point of the accident but it was defintely a relief to see the two men getting up.

It was very same-y for the rest of the afternoon and luckily we finished earlier than expected. We took down the route and the signs before clearing and sweeping the roads from debris off the race. I'm not sure where some of the others went but there was only 2 of the cheerleaders, Sophie, Allan and me left.

I walked back to the venue with Sophie and I felt so bad. I hadn't realise she was also the team leader for the running area! She still had so much to do!
I wanted to have a quick look around the venue and it was nice to see all the little places that they offered both participants and guests alike. I walked through from the finish line to the timing dome, recovery zone dome with yoga and then the electrolyte drinks (non-alcoholic!). It was all very well organised.
When I went to the finish line, I saw some volunteers struggling to put the tent down so I quickly offered to help. After counting out some medals for the final 8 competitors of the day, I finally found Sophie to say goodbye and left to go home. It wasn't quite as late as yesterday but still, after another long day, I was ready to sleep for a week. I left the house at 4am and didn't return until well after 6pm.
I would defintely recommend volunteering if you get the opportunity. Just go prepared! Take layers and coats just in case you are outside. One of the girls got soaked in the rain and ended up shivering to death. Her and her sister had to leave to get warm because it was all a bit worrying for a while.

It's such a rewarding experience and also an inspiring one. There was a group of triathletes called The Weekend Warriors who do as many triathlons as possible in the space of the weekend. I was so confused that I was seeing so many repeats until Sophie enlightened me!

There was one young man who smiled at me everytime he passed and I yelled my announcement. Of course, then I realised why he was so familiar! Because he'd done 7! Another lady, wasn't the fittest of people by the looks of her but boy is she my new idol. She did 5! After sliding on her first round she joked with me everytime she went round. She took it at her own pace completely but she did and was in no way the last, ever. She thanked me everytime and apologised for not listening the first time. Bless her...

See you at the triathlon next year! But will I be participating or volunteering? Stay tuned! HA! 

Saturday, 29 July 2017

Top Tips for Perfect LipSense Application!

It's another LipSense Saturday post!

LipSense is my new business over at Hannah's Lips UK. I am a UK Independent Distributor for SheerSense (the equivalent of the US company Senegence). For all my details and links click here

If you haven't seen my last LipSense Saturday post, click here
Today I am sharing my top tips for perfect LipSense application. It's definitely a little bit of a learning curve but once you follow these steps, you will always have perfect lips!

  1. Ooops Remover: Prime your lips with the Ooops Remover to ensure all prior product is removed
  2. Wash lips: Wash off the Ooops Remover so no oil is on your lips. 
  3. Dry Lips: Make sure to carefully dry your entire lip, including the waterline. 
  4. Shake: Shake the tube of LipSense well for at least 30 seconds to ensure all the pigment particles are evenly distributed. 
  5. Part lips: Don't let your lips touch once you start applying.
  6. Thin layers: It is a very pigmented product so only a thin layer is needed. 
  7. Wipe of excess: Wipe the brush on the side of the tube so only the product soaked into the brush is applied.
  8. One direction: Ensure you apply in one direction so there are no streaks.
  9. Wait between the 3 layers: Allow up to 30 seconds between each layer so the colours doesn't get removed.
  10. Wait 1 minute before gloss: Allow it to completely dry.
  11. Gloss gloss gloss: Gloss throughout the day to keep lips hydrated. It is most important before and after eating. 
  12. Glossy gloss: Glossy gloss is the most moisturising gloss in our collection and should be used under matte gloss if used. 
  13. Exfoliation process: Don't give up when you initially start wearing the product. Your lips will go through a natural exfoliation process to remove the wax build up from previous lip products. 
  14. Lip scrub: You can speed up the exfoliation process by using a gentle exfoliating lip scrub. 
You can also watch my YouTube video here to see a video version of this information. 

As always, if you want to order any LipSense or any of my other products, join my team or learn more, don't hesitate to reach out on any of my platforms. 

Friday, 28 July 2017

How to Earn with LipSense!?

It's another LipSense Saturday post!

LipSense is my new business over at Hannah's Lips UK. I am a UK Independent Distributor for SheerSense (the equivalent of the US company Senegence). For all my details and links click here

If you haven't seen my last LipSense Saturday post, click here

Today I am sharing exactly how you can earn with LipSense, of which there are 3 main ways which it is important to recognise.

As a distributor you purchase products directly from Senegence or SheerSense at a discount. This can range from 20% to 50% depending on how much you purchase exactly.

Some people choose to join the team simply to get a discount for themselves. This is perfectly fine. The maximum discount a distributor can sell for is 15% so regardless of how much someone buys, they will always get 20% off which is great! Especially if they choose to use the whole range of products Senegence offers.

If you want to make a little bit of money of the side you can. You can sell products to family and friends to earn some money for specific reasons, like holidays! You don't have to go all in, but you can still make it a job.

The final way is to make this a career! This company has so many incredible success stories and it's only just starting! People are making tens of thousands in a single year just in sale profit. How amazing is that!

This company totally allows you to take the opportunity at your own pace and you can put as much time and effort into it as you wish, if any. There are no minimum sales or amount you have to spend but to be an active distributor you need to place an order of at least 300PV every 6 months. 

As always, if you want to order any LipSense or any of my other products, join my team or learn more, don't hesitate to reach out on any of my platforms. 

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Toucan Box: A Kids Activity Subscription Box!

It's the summer holidays for most children in the UK now and while I don't have children of my own, I was looking for something fun to do with my niece! She's just had a baby brother born and I didn't want her to feel left out so I started looking. I came across the Toucan Box and it's amazing! 

The Toucan box is a flexible subscription service delivering creative craft boxes to children aged 3-8. It is super convenient because all the craft materials, instructions and inspiration is personally addressed to your child and delivered to your door. Kids can also enjoy the hands-on process of making, then play! Finished crafts turn into interactive games, dress-up, role-play, toys and much more. I love that is is inspired by Montessori learning and championing STEAM, so that each toucanBox is built by educational experts to help develop key skills.
We got a pirate themes box which I actually really liked. My niece is a total tomboy and not really into girly things so she loved this. It came with all items included, even a mini glue stick! We could make and decorate a parrot and then play with the treasure map and design one so she could find treasure. While she did some crafting, so could I! 
Included with it was a little instruction booklet, an activity booklet with more activities, a few discounts for friends, a news booklet and what is coming in the next book! I absolutely loved it! 
Get your own Toucan Box for free now by clicking here or using code: HANNAH-9CWN!

Monday, 24 July 2017

TGI Friday's Competition Winner! / London Vlog

A few weeks ago I found out I won the TGI Fridays' competition I entered! I got to invite 3 friends/family to come to London and stay at The Strand Palace Hotel.

Click here to watch the vlog or see below!

After picking my mother, sister and cousin up from Kings Cross we jumped in a taxi and headed over to our hotel which was stunning! I didn't realise it was literally opposite The Savoy Hotel where I went last week so when we arrived, I knew exactly where we were!

The lobby was stunning and the rooms were like any other hotel but boiling hot! Almost unbearingly. We set off out for lunch at a little cafe down the road which was yummy and then headed back to the hotel for everyone else to have showers and get dressed up. I was perfectly fine wearing what I was so I just watched some YouTube videos and did some work online.

Then we walked down to Leicester Square. I knew we would be super early but we didn't really have time to do much else so I'd hoped there was some entertainment on. There wasn't. Instead we headed into Lego Land/World/Shop. For once it didn't have a queue! I was very impressed with all the big structures, like the one in Harrods. Then mum wanted to see the famous China Town.

Let's be honest, both were pretty boring so we didn't waste too much time and instead headed to TGIs for some early cocktails. An hour or so later, we were invited inside to our VIP table and our personal waiter. It all felt very surreal but the staff were unbelievably attentive. It was such a lovely and relaxed evening.

We had a delicious starter and a yummy main course and then made our way over to Tape Face.
The main reason for the competition. Review coming soon! But it was defintely enjoyable, especially the complimentary drinks!

Afterwards, we headed back to TGIs for another round or drinks plus dessert! We were all so stuffed from the main course we just couldn't fit in a mouthwatering brownie as well, so we decided to wait. Everything went smoothly until the bill. Seriously, there were so many issues it was ridiculous! But alas, it was time to walk back to the hotel and sleep...

Or head to a club. On walking out, we were dragged round to a club for 'free shots' of course, it was £3 for entry. I refused and left the three of them there. Crazy!

The worst nights sleep ever meant I got barely 3 hours of sleep, despite my desperate try. It was just too hot. We finally decided to go to breakfast and it was incredible. Such a wonderful set up and so yummy! I loved it and had my usual bacon sandwich, yogurt and fruit!

Being only a few minutes from Covent Garden we headed over and went shopping. We went to all the shops, spending most of the time in Paperchase. My fave! I usually love the performances but honestly they were pretty terrible, and while I stayed and watched, praying they improved, the others headed off to the cafe.

There was a guy on a ladder who wasn't even worth a picture and a couple of circus acts who juggled with knives. To be quite honest, the build up of 25 minutes was totally not worth the 1 minute act.

But then it was time for the deliciousness that is The Ivy! I usually go to Market Garden in South Kensington/Chelsea but this time I booked Market Grill in Covent Garden and I genuinely think it was better! I had my usual of sourdough bread, fish and chips and even managed a mango sorbet. Wow!

Despite the little accident - the cup managed to break entirely in half and spill everywhere - the staff were incredible and quickly moved us while it got cleaned up.

Once finished, we meandered back to the hotel and then took the sloooooowwwwwweeeesssssttttt walk ever back to my flat. Of course, mum went into every shop that asked her to so it took quite a while and Jessica complained the entire way. Shock horror.

Despite everything, it was a really nice little trip and nice to chill and chat to end the little trip. Just before leaving they all tried on LipSense which was fun. They all wore Apple Cider which just shows how it can be so different!

What's your favourite thing to do in London?

Saturday, 22 July 2017

How I Package my LipSense Orders!

It's another LipSense Saturday post!

LipSense is my new business over at Hannah's Lips UK. I am a UK Independent Distributor for SheerSense (the equivalent of the US company Senegence). For all my details and links click here

If you haven't seen my last LipSense Saturday post, click here

Today I am sharing how I package my orders! I am so excited to share this because I have absolutely loved designing my packaging and deciding how to send off such a special product to everyone.

I start by putting my business card, designed on Vistaprint, and usually the Starter Set in a little pink tote bag. I think this is such a cute way to package them and keep them all together. It can also be reused so it's perfect for customers.

With this, I place my invoice printed from PayPal, an individualised, handwritten letter thanking them and my two cards. One is a 'How to Apply' card and the other is a 'Tips and Tricks' card, both also from Vistaprint.

All this fits perfectly in a bubble envelope. I tried using the pink ones but found that they were too stiff and didn't provide as much protection.

Two things I would like to mention is that this is your business and people are wanting to buy from you, because they want you! Don't copy anyone but be inspired by them. Put your personality into this business. Pick your favourite colours or something you love and showcase it in your designs.

Secondly, this is a business and your packaging should look professional! Make sure you keep it consistent. Your business card, leaflets, tips and packaging should all somewhat match. Be sure to remember that continuity and branding are key! 

You can also watch my YouTube video here to see a video version of this information. 

As always, if you want to order any LipSense or any of my other products, join my team or learn more, don't hesitate to reach out on any of my platforms. 

Friday, 21 July 2017

Join My LipSense Team!

It's another LipSense post but this time not on a Saturday because it's just too important!

If you haven't been reading my blog recently, you won't know but LipSense is my new business over at Hannah's Lips UK. I am a UK Independent Distributor for SheerSense (the equivalent of the US company Senegence). For all my details and links click here

If you haven't seen my last LipSense posts, be sure to click here to see of all the related posts. 

Today I am sharing an incredible opportunity. I am looking for people who want to change their lives for the better!

I am currently looking to recruit people to join my team to become a Distributor of Senegence or SheerSense. This opportunity is open to people all over the world so if you are interested, be sure to reach out to me at any of my platforms or email me at

The sign up fee varies depending on location, for example it's £85 in the UK and $55 in the US, but this one off fee let's you have a massive discount for a whole year on the whole product range so there are 3 options on paths you can take when you join.

  1. Buy product for your own use and to gift to family and friends. All product you buy will have at least 20% off, going up to 50% depending on how much you order. 
  2. Sell to family and friends. If you want to make a little bit of extra money on the side, it's a perfect way to earn money while having it fit around your lifestyle. 
  3. Make it a career! The incredible thing about this opportunity is that this could be your career! If you are really dedicated and prepared to put in the time, energy and effort, you could make this dream and reality and work from home for the rest of your life. 
I will be writing a post with more details about the compensation plan and other details in the coming months but in the meantime, if you are at all interested, please reach out! I would love to have you join my team!

As always, if you want to order any LipSense or any of my other products, join my team or learn more, don't hesitate to reach out on any of my platforms. 

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

8 Photography Tips for a Smartphone!

I'm sure you all know how much I love to take photos and I have literally just invested in a DSLR but honestly, the camera I use to take most my photos is my phone. I have an iPhone 6S and the main reason I chose this one, over the previous version, was because of the quality of the camera.

I do love taking photo's on my small hand held camera and my DSLR but realistically, I don't take them out with me everyday. My phone is the camera I have on hand everyday and I know that's what most people use too!

After being inspired by Aura Frames, I decided to share my own top tips for capturing quality pictures.

Aura Frames produces a smart frame that automatically displays the best photos from your phone. Their product allows you to effortlessly share photos directly onto a family member's frame. You can even pre-select photos to appear on the frame right after they receive it!

So you obviously want those pictures to be good quality! Here are my top tips to take the perfect photo.

  1. Use the grid! The grid is one of the easiest ways to be able to centre your photo.
  2. Use natural lighting as much as possible! When I take selfies, I try to stand facing the window so the sunlight is directed onto my face. 
  3. Angles are everything! To make your face seem thinner, hold the camera up and face it downwards. 
  4. Don't use the zoom! The zoom (at least on my camera) is terrible and blurs the picture. Instead move closer or further away, and if needed crop the picture after taking it. 
  5. Burst mode is a life saver! If you have unsteady hands or even a difficult to photograph person (ie. kids) or area, press and hold down the button. It combines 5 pictures to create the perfect one. 
  6. Focus the camera by tapping on the subject of interest. I sometimes like to blur the background and so by tapping on the image in the foreground this works perfectly.
  7. Brighten the lighting. Once focussed on a subject, you can then swipe up or down to increase or decrease the lighting of that area. I use this feature especially for concerts! 
  8. Take LOTS! It's a nightmare when you take a photo and then come to post it later only to realise it's blurry or someone's not looking at the camera. My biggest tip is to take lots of photographs really quickly. You can go back and pick your favourite later but your ten times more likely to have a good one...that everyone is happy with. 

Aura Frames also sent over some of their tips. It was interesting to see that some of the tips overlapped with my own!

What are your top photography tips? Let me know in the comments below. I always love to learn from you.

Monday, 17 July 2017

Start of Summer! / London Vlog

So I may or may not have updated on here but I ended up having to resit exams, like I thought I would. I am going to write up a big life update at some point in the near future so stay tuned for that.
Anyway, last week, I finished my exam week and I celebrated big time...kind of.

Click here to watch the vlog or see below.

Luckily, my flatmate was doing a course at university in the same week - totally by chance - so she was around which was nice.

On Thursday, we went to Ask Italian for lunch and then headed to Westfield Shopping Centre. We bought Sophie her graduation dress (honestly it's stunning!) and I even treated myself to one! Not for graduation though, obviously. Towards the end we treated ourselves to some Lola's cupcakes!

On Friday, I got up bright and early so I caught up on all my TV. We then headed to Camden, walked around Camden market and had lunch at Pizza Express. Two Italian's in a row, I know! But I was craving the dough balls like crazy!
In the evening we headed to the Sky Gardens. I've been a couple of times now but it was Sophie's first time so it was super fun. Unfortunately, the top area was cordoned off for a private function and they'd stolen the live music! Sad!

On Saturday, I was home alone again but after the builder came and left - after almost 2 hours! - I headed out. I took the bus down to Covent Garden and then rushed through to The Savoy to see Dreamgirls. Not going to lie, I was totally underdressed! It was so so so posh.

Dreamgirls review coming soon but it was good, I was just really underwhelmed and disappointed because I'd really only bought the ticket to see Amber Riley and she cancelled last minute.

I bought my ticket through Today Tix and I will be doing a more in depth review of them soon but it is such a good app! Use code "RWPUV" for £10 off your first order.
It was also super hot in the theatre. Like everyone was complaining and sweating away. I was planning on getting the bus back but I was so thankful for the breeze that I walked home instead. Covent Garden was beautiful and I came across a stunning singer. Sammie Jay Music on all social media platforms.

I also ended up walking home with a stranger after awkwardly asking him if he needed help. Oops!