Wednesday, 29 June 2016

What I've Learnt in Y1! (Medic Series)

Have you been staying up to date with all my blog posts in the 'Medic Series'. If not click here to see a list of them all!

I think that every year of life is a learning curve and every year, I will continue to learn more but since starting university I have been on this very steep learning curve so I thought I would just share a few of the things I have learnt, mostly related to university life in general, not just studying medicine...mostly.

  1. How to be alone.
  2. How to introduce myself. 
  3. Forcing myself out of my comfort zone and to talk to new people. 
  4. Take the time out to spend having fun. You are only young once.
  5. Go and visit family; they miss you more than you miss them. Your life has changed to this new exciting adventure but theirs is the same but with you missing. 
  6. Use all the resources available to you. You may think you know the right way to revise to suit you but honestly using a range of resources is the best thing possible. Repeat the same topic over and over again with different methods of learning. Especially when the university provide them to you for free.
  7. Don’t skip learning the teeny tiny bits of information that are too specific to come up. They do. They will.
  8. The duodenum and jejunum are two different parts of the small intestine and not just a different pronunciation of the same thing.
  9. Spell onomatopoeia in the tune of Old McDonald.
I had to add 8 and the last because now that I know them, I can't believe I ever didn't. Ha!
Hope any freshers out there find some of these useful and take a little break every now and then to enjoy being young.

Monday, 27 June 2016

Kylie Jenner Lip Kit - Haul, Swatches and Review

You guys have no idea how long I dreamed about these lip kits and I tried so hard to get them for so long to no success. Well on the 3rd May I finally found success thanks to Kylie Jenner Lip Kits on Twitter! She's - at least I'm assuming it's a she, sorry if you're a he! - seriously the best; posting updates on restocks, countdowns of the restocks and then saying when each kit goes out of stock. Seriously thank you!

I decided to send them to my home address in the hope it would make me a little more patient but it definitely did not! I was so excited when I finally received them!

After paying for the lip kits and postage and packaging, I was extremely disappointed when I also got charged a £25 customs fees. I hate that we get charged so much when we've already paid for it. It's not even like the package is very big so that annoyed me as well as delayed me getting the package. To top it off they put massive custom charge stickers all over the gorgeous box which annoyed me even more because I love the way Kylie Jenner has designed the packaging.

Opening it up, the whole packaging is very well thought out. The cardboard box is thick, sturdy and well-made and then inside it has 2, 2-layered pieces of foam both on top and below the products. I was so glad to see the signed 'handwritten' postcard in the package because I'd heard that some of them didn't come with it. I would be extremely disappointed if it hadn't. I think the design is seriously gorgeous! I love the dripping, the lips and the 'Kylie' signature is just the icing on the cake.

I was thrilled to see all my lip kits and I just couldn't wait to open them and try them on!

So what did I get?

I got three of the matte lipsticks in Posie K, a light baby pink, Kourt K, a deep purple, and Mary Jo K, a bright red. Additionally, I got two of the metallics: King K, a beautiful gold, and Reign, the deep bronze.

I've actually never worn lipsticks before but with all the hype around these and actually good reviews, I'd been desperate to get my hands on them since the first few started to be delivered. I'm not one to get every celebrity product because I think the majority of the time they are completely over-hyped but when reviews from people I loved watching and reading came through, I was even more excited!

I tried a few times to get my hands on them but every time I tried they sold out so here's a few tips:
  1. Follow a twitter page that posts the updates of when they will come out and turn on the notifications so you can be one of the first to know. I followed @KylieJennerLipKits but there are a number of different ones. Of course you can also pay the subscription charge for Kylie's App too. 
  2. Open all the pages for each of the colours that you want in separate tabs before they are restocked. 
  3. Set your alarm 2 minutes before they go live. 
  4. Log in to your account or quickly make one if you don't have one.
  5. The second they go live, refresh the pages and add to basket. Close each tab as you go. 
  6. On the last tab, once added to basket, click checkout and they will all be in there to easily and quickly check out! 
I honestly did this process and I had purchased them within the first 2 minutes of them going live. I was so relieved because I had been so stressed that I wasn't going to get them. Having said that, they do seem to be lasting longer and longer so I don't think that there is as much pressure on the original colours as there was.

One thing I will say that it seems buying the sets of the metallics and glosses is cheaper but it's actually the exact same price with less packaging so unless you really do want and will use them all, buy them individually.

So swatches!
 Aren't the bottles pretty *heart eyed emoji*

Posie K
Initially I was shocked at how dark the colour looked on the packaging and in the container but after swatching it, I was so relieved that it was the baby pink I had been looking for.

This colour seems to be a lot creamier than the others and hence takes a little longer to dry. I honestly think that this colour is so pretty, very universal both in the sense of skin tone and occasion. You can dress it up or down. The only negative I have is that greasy foods, like pizza, make it rub off. I ended up having an ombre effect from the outer corners to the middle but it didn't look great. It does seem to be a buildable colour though so you can just reapply over it.

Mary Jo K
Having mentioned before that I've never worn lipsticks before, I really wanted a red but I also knew it was coming up to summer so I thought I would get a bright one! This is probably the most pigmented out of the matts and the colour doesn't need multiple layers to get it; a single coat is ample.
The one thing I did notice about both this colour and the other dark purple, Kourt K, is that the colour itself doesn't transfer at all after about a 5 minute wait, but even 3 hours later, the lip liner still does!

Kourt K
This was probably my most daring purchase but it's also the one I dreamed about the most and with it's deep purple shade, it was the first one I had to put on my lips! Now that it's getting warmer, I probably won't wear it all that much until it starts to get colder again but I do think it's a gorgeous colour when applied well.

It did seem to be a little difficult to apply evenly and to get a consistent look I did find I needed too layers. It also bled around the edges of my lips so I'm not sure if I didn't put a thick enough lip liner layer maybe.

The liquid matte lipstick itself doesn't transfer at all after a couple of minutes of applying to allow drying time but I will say that the lip liner does. You end up with the perfect lip outline.

It does seem a very dark, almost black lip colour but I think it could also be the fact I'm not use to such a dark colour because after an hour or so, I did end up getting use to it and I loved it!

King K
After attending a ball in a gold dress at Christmas, I was looking for a pretty gold lipstick to pair with it and I just couldn't find a nice one anywhere so when I saw this one, I just had to get it.

When I swatched it, I was immediately impressed by how shimmery and pigmented it was and it is very true to colour.

I didn't realise quite how dark this colour was! I'm not sure how often I will actually wear this colour because it's a little out of my comfort zone but I thought, and still do think, it would look stunning in a club, on a night out. I loved it paired with this dark, navy blue dress!

Have you bought any Kylie Jenner Lip Kits? Are you planning on? Have you changed your mind?

Friday, 24 June 2016

GapMedics - Tanzania 2013 (Flashback Friday)

This week's Flashback Friday is a few clips from a GapMedics trip I took to Tanzania back in 2013. I loved my time there and got some valuable experience with their healthcare system but we did have fun outside the hospital too. We went to see an orphanage, did karaoke at a restaurant and then celebrate one last time.

I love how the kids took my camera and recorded some. It's crazy how much they know about technology considering the way that they live. Click here to watch it.

I have actually already done a GapMedics post a while back so click here to read that. I included a lot of my favourite pictures over there :)

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

3 day Juice Cleanse - Raw Honest First Timer Opinion

So today's post is something a little different and something I've never done before. Last week after exams, I did a juice cleanse. I took my time to do a lot of research before undertaking it and so this post is going to be about the process of deciding, how I came to the decision, the unboxing, first impressions and a full review on the whole process. 
I have also made a video of the unboxing and my very first impressions of each of the drink. Trust me one of them is hilarious! Click here to watch. 

I purchased my juice cleanse almost a month before I had it scheduled to be delivered. I knew when I was in the midst of exams I wouldn't be eating very well. Not that I would be eating terribly but I knew I was probably going to be getting some sort of takeaway after each exam and so I knew my system would be full of junk. As it happens, I had a KFC on Monday night, a McDonald's on Tuesday night and then I didn't actually go out to an Italian on Wednesday and instead I did head home and make chicken and rice. But I'd also been snacking on lots of chocolate and crisps during revision. I wanted to do a juice cleanse to clean out my system and just reset myself. 

When you've eaten a lot of one food - especially fast food - for a while, your body starts to crave it. I wanted to force myself to eat clean and just get that balance back in check. 

I started looking at the health risks and benefits. I didn't want to do this for losing weight. I don't believe in diets or counting calories and I don't believe in quick fixes, the majority of people who do diets have a yo-yo lifestyle and as soon as they go off the diet they start to gain weight again. I think the best way to be fit, is to be healthy eat a balanced diet and do exercise. It's a whole lifestyle change. So when I saw people were losing a stone in 3 days I thought either a) they are lying or b) they aren't following the important 'rules'. 

Even though I three day juice cleanse is a complete meal plan for those 3 days, they don't advise any strenuous activity and they say to only undertake the normal daily activities. I was planning on chilling out a lot and relaxing after exams so it was the perfect time for me to do. 

I did however, still want to keep myself in check. I wanted to make sure that I knew this wasn't a weight loss tool and this was just a CLEANSE. I forced myself not to make any irrational decisions and so I waited to purchase anything. But for the next week I just couldn't get it out of my head.

Once I decided to go for it, now I had an even bigger decision to make: which company? There are so many places out there that offer juice cleanses now but I was looking for a few main qualities:
  1. Affordable: Unfortunately, probably the main incentive for me. I'm a student and I'm always trying to save money where possible so when I saw the prices of some of these plans I was shocked. It really is very expensive but a lot of them seem to have deals and discounts on intermittently so make sure to check out the social media pages. Plus a lot of places seemed to have free delivery. 
  2. Reviews: Although, websites can unfortunately moderate reviews and delete negative reviews, I always look for a mixture of opinions and honest reviews from independent sites. 
  3. Information: Even though I had done what I considered a lot of research, if a company had some key information about expectations and the reality of the juice cleanse, I found that much more settling.
  4. Scheduled delivery: I didn't want to be thinking about it during the exam days so I wanted to buy it now for it to be delivered much later so that it would be ready the day I was.
  5. Fruit based: I am extremely fussy in pretty much everything I eat so I'm sure a lot of those who know me would have been shocked that I had even considered a juice cleanse, but I'd read that a fruit juice cleanse was much more palatable especially for beginners. When I looked around, I noticed I was drawn to those that had a variety of options for different types of people. 
Fuel Station
Fuel Station, for me, was the only one that ticked all of those key points. It was the cheapest package I could find and with I discount, I got all the juices for £52. There were some incredible reviews, including celebrity reviews, but also some not so positive reviewers who in my eyes had unrealistic expectations. They had a lot of good information about advice and what not to do. 

They had the option to have it delivered at a much later date and promised it would still be cold and fresh on delivery. Finally, they had many options depending on your specifics needs from added extras to my much desired, fruit base cleanse. 

I ordered the Fruit Boost Detox. This included 4 drinks a day:
  1. Green Lemonade: green apple, lemon and kale.
  2. Zesty Orange: orange, carrot, green apple, ginger and lemon.
  3. Berry Red: red apple, red grapes, strawberries and cucumber.
  4. Green Lemonade: green apple, lemon and kale.

I was very pleased with the box it came in. I thought it was very important that they included the 'FRAGILE' stamp even though the bottles are very packed inside. I especially love the warning; This food may make you fit.
Inside the box, it came with a very clear card of instructions and then it had the competition included on the opposite side. Both made it clear how personal this journey is.

Inside the box was a thick polystyrene box which contained packaging, the juices and a very much melted ice pack. I was a little disappointed by the temperature of the bottles. They had an ice pack in with them but that was completely melted and the bottles were room temperature. I collected them 20 minutes after they were dropped off so it's not like they were waiting and if I had, had gone out for lunch like planned, they would have been warm for sure. I think considering that, you have to make sure that you are in and around to immediately put the bottles into the fridge.
But I was excited! I was ready to go and start in the morning! I thought I had realistic expectations on the results and the taste. I was extremely nervous about the green juice because I didn't know if I was going to be able to eat it at all but I thought the orange and red juices would just taste like fruit and would be super yummy desserts!

First Impressions
So I woke up bright and early on Thursday and headed to the fridge to grab a green juice and filled up my Brita water jug. I had a feeling I would need a lot of water to wash down each little sip.

If you haven’t seen my very first initial impressions of each drink I would probably go a watch the video first. It’s hilarious! Click here to watch and then come back to read.

I was really nervous and scared about the green juice. I’ve never liked vegetables other than carrots and potatoes. I tried every green smoothie imaginable when I first got my Nutribullet and I didn’t like any of them. I hate them. Almost to the point of throwing up. I was worried I would feel the same about this one. But I loved it!

You can barely taste the kale and it doesn’t have a strong green smell, it just smells fresh. The only taste you can actually taste in lemon and it is a little overpowering but it just tastes like flat lemonade. Seriously. If I didn’t see the colour of the drink, I would have probably guessed that it was lemonade. I’m not even a massive fan of lemonade but I love this! Without a doubt my favourite drink!

The red one was the one I was most excited for. What can go wrong with a purely fruit juice and all those berries will be yum! Well it was horrible. How I was wrong. It was so pulpy and had massive chunks, topped with it being sour. I can’t even describe the flavour but it was definitely not desirable. I tried blending it in my Nutribullet in the hope it would make it much smoother but unfortunately although smoother, the taste was the same and it just left me with a thick layer of foamy bubbles.

I didn’t even know what to expect when it came to the orange juice. I thought it would be the thickest with oranges and carrots but I liked all the ingredients alone, except ginger which is meant to boost the immune system. Honestly, it didn’t taste of much. It tasted like weakened carrots but the overwhelming after taste was ginger. It left a very spicy taste…if a drink can be spicy. But it was nice!

Off Schedule
So how did I go? For a person that has 3 proper meals a day and lots of snacks I think I did really well but...I couldn't hack it.

The first day I stuck to the first 3 drinks but by the evening I just couldn’t handle another liquid so I did have some raw cucumber which is semi-on plan. Not really but still. The second day was also semi-successful because I had 3 drinks plus a packet of crisps. They were sun bites though! I just wanted something substantial that I could chew. The final day was the hardest. I stuck to it in the morning with 2 juices but I needed to wash my hair. Where am I going with this? MY hair is super thick and long and takes forever to wash. If I don’t eat beforehand, I can get really dizzy and need to sit down half way through so I did end up cooking. I cut up some chunks of chicken and quickly grilled them and that was it.

Overall, I mean I didn’t stick to the 3 day juice cleanse as planned but I do think I did okay. Compared to what I thought, the juices were much smaller and not very thick, which as it turns out is a good thing, but I just didn’t want to do this to lose weight so I didn’t want to bring myself to starvation, which is clearly the point. I definitely understand why they say not to exercise when on it because I definitely would have begun to feel faint had I not eaten.

I would recommend this to people in part. I think it’s important to do this for for health benefits and not just to lose weight but I definitely wouldn’t say to do a full juice cleanse for any longer than a day. 2 juices and a clean meal is a much better solutions I think, or even 3 juices, one for dessert for example.

Would you ever do a juice cleanse?

DISCLAIMER: This review was not sponsored and is only my opinion as a normal individual. I am in no way an expert and all information I gathered is of easy access online.

Monday, 20 June 2016

No Longer a Teen! - 20th Birthday Haul!

So last Thursday was my 20th birthday! I actually can't believe I'm no longer a teenager. I never feel like a birthday makes me feel that much older but going from saying that I'm 19 to saying that I'm 20 year old is so crazy to me! It really does make you sound so much's kind of freaky. To see how I celebrated click here for pictures or watch the vlog here

I was planning on wearing one of my new dresses from the Sprinkle of Glitter collection but I ended up wearing a simple outfit from Dorothy Perkins jeggings, top and flip flop combo with my second day curls. 

As I'm getting older now - unfortunately - you get less and less presents but also more expensive ones. I did get a fair amount of money but it's not quite as fun to open!

From my mum I got an Anna Saccone Zodiac necklace which you can get on Stilnest. I've followed Anna on Youtube for ages and have wanted a necklace ever since she announced they were to be released but I've never quite thought the money was worth it, to buy for myself. But I love it! It's so gorgeous!

From my sister I got a OPI nail varnish that I had on my Wishlistr. For anyone who wants to be surprised with presents but also wants to like them, Wishlistr is a great way to give out to family and friends (that ask of course) but so that you don't know who is, if anyone, getting what. I've used it for the past 3 years and love it! The colour is OPI Pink Flamenco; I love my baby pink I have but I wanted something a little brighter for summer.

While my cousin got a very delicate, gold bracelet with a feather design to match hers. I think I have enough jewellery to last a lifetime!
My grandma bought me my Wimbledon tickets so I'm really excited to go again this year because last year was pretty incredible! :)

For some family friends we've known forever, I got some gorgeous roses in white and rose which took me ages to set up but I now love!

And from my friend from school, who really shouldn't have got me anything, my favourite scent from Body Shop! I love the mango :)

TGI Friday's also left a gift at the table! This massive balloon hat! I was way too embarrassed to wear it in the restaurant but I secretly love it and think it's pretty fantastic!

Thank you to those who got me gifts and to everyone who left sweet happy birthday comments. Even a quick 'happy birthday' really warms my heart when I'm home alone.

Ps. I'm almost 100% sure that my dad and older sisters will give me gifts when I next see them so I'll update when I get them.

Friday, 17 June 2016

Baby's First Giggles! (Flashback Friday)

This week's Flashback Friday is some adorable footage of baby Hallie (my niece) at 3/4/5/8 months old. I mean it's crazy how much she's grown up since 2013! There's first smiles, to grabbing, to very first giggles (extended cut!).

You may have noticed that I am completely addicted and obsessed with my adorable niece and it was even more so when she was itty bitty. I took way more pictures but luckily still got a few clips in her first year of life. Including her very first giggles ever!

I'm sorry for all the pictures I just couldn't pick, just 1. And it was 9 months worth...