Monday, 29 February 2016

My 5 Turn Ons! + Celeb Crushes (Get To Know Me Series)

I'm super fussy with guys and I am very particular with who I find handsome immediately. So here are probably the only celebrities I think are outright hot! In order: Alex Pettyfer, Channing Tatum, Zac Efron, Chad Michael Murray and Jenson Button. 

But honestly, hands down, I very rarely find myself attracted to someone purely based on looks, if ever. Yes I may find them hot but I have to get to know them first.

Here are my top 5 turn ons before the relationship's even left the starting blocks. 

  1. Communication - I like to be able to talk to them and have a conversation. They have to be able to hold a conversation and be intellectually stimulating. If we can't talk about things together well what's the basis of the relationship. A two sided conversation where each plays an active, interested role. 
  2. Chivalry - I am defintely old school when it comes to manners. I like a respectable guy who doesn't swear every other sentence, who opens doors, who says please and thank you. An old fashioned tradition gentleman. 
  3. Passion - Not passion for me, but passion for himself: his hobbies, his goals, his ambition, his career. I love hearing people who talk about things that they love.
  4. Smile - I think that is one of the things that has to be right. No "smakes" (fake smiles). Those that reach the eyes, a smile that melts the heart and warms the soul, it demands you to return it. That smile. 
  5. Emotion - Possibly the most important thing in a relationship and the best way to start it is to be honest and open. A guy that speaks from the heart and shares everything creates a much deeper connection. Openly confronting your true feelings takes a lot of courage and it's that courage which shows trust. Once you can trust someone with every fibre of your being, then you're ready. 
Are these just the ideals or can they be a reality? We'll see! :)

Friday, 26 February 2016

The Finest Hours (Review)

For those who haven't watched the trailer have a look here.

I was first introduced to this film not through the trailer but through an American YouTuber names CarlieStylez (Carlie Wood nee Butler). She was invited by Disney for a day's training with the coast guard. Both her and her new husband are very much interested in fitness and health and wellbeing so it was the perfect advertisement for them. Click here to see the video.

So after watching that, I was intrigued but not amazed. My dad was the one who really wanted to see the movie and so I happily obliged.

In the winter of 1952, New England was battered by the most brutal storm in years. As the weather wreaked havoc on land, the freezing Atlantic became a graveyard.

In the early hours, while the storm raged, two oil tankers, the Pendleton and the Fort Mercer, found themselves in the same horrifying predicament. Built with "dirty steel," and not prepared to withstand such ferocious seas, both tankers split in two, leaving the dozens of men on board utterly at the Atlantic's mercy.

The heroes here aren't soldiers but small town coastguards on Cape Cod who embark on a seemingly suicidal mission to rescue the crew of a stricken tanker during a ferocious storm.

The film's main character, Bernie Webber (Chris Pine), is a shy young coastguard. First seen going for a double date, he looks like a quintessential all-American boy. He may be handsome but he is worryingly modest and shy: "Shoulda' worn the other shirt," he nervously tells himself as he walks into the bar where he first sets sight on the beautiful and opinionated Miriam Pentinen (Holliday Grainger).

The slow build up is clearly deliberate. On board the ship, initially nothing seems remotely amiss, as characters slap each other, sing songs or rest on their bunk beds. The action begins when the winds pick up, the storm begins and when trying to contact the Captain, there is no signal. After sending a messenger, the ship is discovered to have been clean broken in half. Knowing nothing about boats, I can't quite believe no one would notice that the ship has broken in half. Honestly?
From then it's a fight to survive. On land, the coast guard are forced out on a suicide mission while out in the middle of the ocean, it's a battle of power and authority. Two plans and men come into a crossfire as they try to persuade the rest of the men to pick a plan to prolong their lives.

From then it's a fight to survive. On land, the coast guard are forced out on a suicide mission while out in the middle of the ocean, it's a battle of power and authority. Two plans and men come into a crossfire as they try to persuade the rest of the men to pick a plan to prolong their lives.
I don't think this film was very well advertised in the UK. I think that the whole concept about the US Coast Guards are obviously a big deal in the US whereas I'd never heard of them before, so I didn't really get the whole hype about them. Throughout the movie, you defintely learn about the whole world of coast guards, not just from the perspective of the guards themselves who risk their lives daily but also from the families who have to be left behind while they're out there, not knowing if they will survive the night.
From that respect, this film was incredible. The acting was so perfect. I thought all the characters captured the 50s perfectly, with both the mannerisms and accents.

On top of that I thought it explored the whole feminism issues perfectly. Bernie's lover is a strong woman and unlike the other women, she takes charge of the situation and demands attention. Back in the days, this was unheard of. There was a really powerful scene where she keeps repeating herself over and over again. She never raises her voice or becomes angered, she patiently repeats herself until she is forced out.
The key to this movie is the graphics; they are sublime. I am so glad I went to see this movie at the cinema on the big screen because it was such a perfect movie for the big screen, I almost believed that the film was being recorded live. That's how believable it was. The waves and action scenes were incredible. From both the emotion of the actors, to the waves crashing, to the boats going on water, to the storm itself. I don't think they could have captured it any better if they tried.
I learnt so much from this movie. Chris Pine - Bernie - played an eye-opening character. I learnt so much about the way to drive a boat in the ocean. This may sound stupid but I'd thought you could just go straight into a wave, full power. But no. Bernie times the throttle accelerations perfectly to be with the beat of the waves. The waves then force the boat horizontally. Before the next wave hits, the captain has to quickly steer to straighten the boat so it's vertically facing the wave before it reaches and spins the boat in it's frothy, folding mouth of the barrel.
The ending credits was pretty inspirational as it showed the actors alongside the pictures of the people that they played. All the black and white images from the day to see how they actually looked after the incredible ordeal that they went through. I was somewhat disappointed that someone or people were taking pictures during the evacuation however. There were pictures of the boat sinking, the people jumping off the rig and the coast guards steering the boat. I can't help but scream, why are you standing around taking pictures. I for one would either be helping catch people or just holding on for dear life.
One major flaw in the movie is that this is an oil rig that has supposedly broken in half. An oil rig containing water. But there is no oil in the water. There was no oil when the first half sunk and still no oil as the second one sinks. Clearly this is a fatal error from the film production because in the pictures in the credits, you can see a clear change of colour from the oil spill.

This movie was ridiculously awe inspiring and I for one, will be watching this movie again. Thoroughly enjoyable...even for a 'rom com' kind of girl.

A tale of heroism, triumph, and tragedy, one that truly tells of the Coast Guard's finest hours.

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

'What I Ate' Wednesday!

So this post is inspired by Anna Saccone of Saccone-Joly's on YouTube who also has her own channel Anna Saccone and blog. She does a What I Ate Wednesday every week and while I personally don't find it very interesting I know a lot of people do. I think it's interesting once in awhile to see a normal day or what she eats when she goes out, for example, but most weeks it's the exact same thing or at least very similar.

I definitely won't be doing one of these posts every week as I probably have maybe 10 days worth of food on rotation and honestly, I would be bored writing it up. But I did think it would be interesting to show you guys what a typical day of food looks like for me.

For breakfast this morning I had a strawberry and banana smoothie. Now sometimes I pour the smoothie into a cute mug I have but most the time I just drink it straight from the blender cup. I was going to for the sake of a picture but I thought I would be completely real and honest and just show you how I eat it. In reality, the less washing up, the better!

Tip: washing a blender can be so hard and so much hassle so hack of the day, pour warm water and a drop of washing up liquid into the cup, attach the blade again and blend it. It cleans the cup so easily with no hard work, trying to get under the fiddly blades. You're welcome! ;)
The background is actually the postcards I got from my January Birchbox. How cute are they?!

I didn't go to university today so I was home for lunch which meant I could have something warm. I decided to go more a ham and cheese panini. Often I have it with carrots and cucumber but having not had the smoothie that much earlier, I decided to skip a side.

A few hours later, I was super bored of going through some lectures and having made the bad decision of opening a giant bag or Doritos last night, I snacked on a couple handfuls of them. I was quite impressed I stopped myself but I really wasn't hungry so I couldn't eat much more.

I ended up falling asleep in bed for a couple of hours so I had tea a little later than usual. I had one of my favourite go-to meals of pasta carbonara.  It's super tasty and easy to make.
I have a complete sweet tooth so after every evening meal I always have to have something sweet and chocolatey! I went for a chocolate chip muffin today and they are seriously my favourite and so filling!


Because I ended up having an afternoon nap, I went to bed a bit later than usual and ended up having a midnight snack. Luckily, I had an Pink Lady apple in my bedroom so I had that instead of more crisps!

So usually I just stick to water when I'm at home and then occasionally I'll have a can of Diet Coke with it. Today was one of those days that I just needed a little pick-me-up so I treated myself to a can. I tend to drink a fair amount of water throughout the day but probably not enough. I fill up all my containers at the start of the day and then make sure to empty them all before I go to bed.

I have a bottle from BareMinerals, a big cup, a water bottle and then a normal small glass. I have no idea how much water that is though...

As I'm writing this up, I find it hilarious that I already have recipie posts for all these meals. I'm seriously shocked! I swear I hadn't planned that at all but I guess it shows I really do have a few favourite meals that I just recycle.

Hope you enjoyed this day in a medical student's life, food edition! Let me know if you'd like to see another or more food related topics :)

Monday, 22 February 2016

"Shine Bright Like a Diamond" February Birchbox: Unboxing and Review

I really wasn't happy with the delivery service of Birchbox this month. I didn't get the box until well after it was due, over 2 weeks later. I posted a picture on Instagram  in the hopes of winning the highly coveted and beautiful diamond necklace. 

 Hence the name of this month's box 'Shine Bright Like a Diamond'. See what they did? ;)
I was so happy to discover I had received the purple box as there were 3 designs this month with blue, pink and purple stripes, but my favourite colour is purple! So onto the box! 
 And the products!
Number 4 Lumiere d'Hiver Super Comb Prep & Protect - £20.00 
Honestly, I'm not a fan of leave in conditioners because it leaves my hair feeling greasy and I try to limit product use. For the price of this, I will definitely not be purchasing it. The smell reminds me of swimming pool chlorine and the bottle didn't spray very well at all. It left my hair feeling sticky to touch.
Only Fingers and Toes Nail Polish -£16.00
 I only recently purchased a red nail varnish and so I wasn't particularly a fan of this colour, in 'Laney'. It is a nice red and it's very bright. The polish applies evenly and only needs one coat if you are in a rush, although I always do 3. The brush has a nice and easy application. I would actually really like the packaging because it's simple and very sleek, had it not been for the fact the sticker was on at an angle and nowhere near the centre which made my first impression of the product simply, cheap. When I saw the price I was shocked! Even the name of the polish makes me think it's for kids to play dress up with.
Spectrum Collections Tapered Finishing Brush - £7.99
I've only ever used one brand of brush and that is all in the range of BareMinerals but they are quite expensive. I think this is a nice alternative to them. The bristles are quite thin so definitely not the brush for foundation but perfect for blush. I actually really like the design. It adds a pop of colour to my make-up bag which is always appreciated!
AYRES Body Butter (Patagonia) - £19.50
I love the packaging of this and I think it looks so cute! The cream is cooling and thick which makes it a great moisturizer. It absorbed into my skin pretty quickly but it did leave me feeling a little sticky so I had to wait a little while for that to go unfortunately. I think this would be a great hand moisturizer to use before bed but during the day it may be too faffy to get jobs done. The massive downside for me was the smell. It was a very heavy fragrant which I assume is the overpowering jasmine but if you like the smell, it can be very calming. 
Birchbox Love Of Colour One and Done Shadow Stick (Perfect Cents) - £8.00

Firstly, I thought it was amazing that they let subscribers pick their own colour for their new eye products. If you haven't picked yours yet, click here and to help make up your mind you can watch this video to see the colours in use!
I am seriously impressed with this product. I decided to go for the darker gold colour than the lighter champagne because I didn't think it would show up very well. I was wrong. the Perfect Cents at least is highly pigmented. I wasn't expecting it to be so pigmented in one coat. It is so easy to use, it's as if colouring in your eye lid. I used no primer but the product stayed on all day at the same level of intensity. 3 downsides: it is a little harsh to put on as you have to press quite hard but I think with warmth the pigment will be easier to transfer; it's extremely hard to blend, once it's on it's on so this colour can pretty much only be worn alone; finally it is very stubborn to remove, which is a good thing until bedtime and then I couldn't get it off!
Derm Eyes Make-Up Remover Wipes - £9.50
This was the extra bonus this month. It was small in a packet and contained just one makeup remover wipe, hence only one use. There was no way that the wipe would retain it's moisture over 24 hours. Firstly, the wipe stinks. The smell when ripping open the packaging is overpowering. It worked to remove my foundation and majority of my eye make-up but it was not very effective on my waterline even with increasing pressure. The worst thing about it is that it leaves a thick soapy residue on the skin so you defintely need to wash your face afterwards as it is very sticky.

Overall, the box is gorgeous! I love the design and it's simplicity. I'm really not happy with the variety of products. I received yet another leave in spray conditioner and a nail varnish colour that I will never you. The LOC eye stick, however, was amazing!

Friday, 19 February 2016

#JuniorContracts 🚑

My opinion on the junior contracts initiated by Jeremy Hunt, from the perspective of a first year medical student.

For those who don't live in the UK, you probably won't know but for those that do, you should.

In recent years our healthcare system system, the National Health Service (NHS) has come under threat and the latest in this story is the junior contracts.

These are the contracts which regulate the junior doctors that work in the NHS, from hours to pay. From the moment the changes were initially announced, the BMA has been fighting back against the government, especially Health Secretary, Jeremy Hunt. After a failing of negotiations and plans still to go ahead, junior doctors, together with the BMA decided to hold strike action on multiple dates, to try and get the message across to the public and government alike.

What a lot of people don't seem to understand is that junior doctors aren't just medics who have recently graduated, but it also includes those who have up to 14 years of experience in medical care. The starting salary for a junior doctor is just under £23,000.

Why don't we want it to go ahead?
Facts are mainly taken from the BMA website.

  • Extend routine working hours from 60 per week to 90. Is working 9pm on a Saturday the same as working 9am on a Tuesday? According to the contract it is. 
  • Remove vital safeguards which discourage employers from making junior doctors work dangerously long hours.
  • See pay no longer matching with the experience junior doctors' gain through their training.
  • But the main reason is that all these reasons add together and scare us all. In implementing these measures we will fail to protect both patients and doctors safety. Patients are at risk.

On the 11th of February 2016, news broke that the government have decided to implement the new contracts despite the strike industrial action and public support. Since being released, many doctors are "speaking with their feet" and the number of doctors applying to work abroad has increased by 1000%. No one wants this to happen, so we need to stop it!

So why do we need a new contract?According to Jeremy, death rates in the NHS are higher on the weekend due to the number of junior doctors being reduced. Even other members of the government have said that this is not the case. There was a report released suggesting deaths are higher on weekends but there was no link made to it being due to the number of junior doctors working. In fact, junior doctors do work 24/7, no not at full capacity but we actually can't.

The reason?

It's the other services that we need to be more 24/7 to help diagnose, treat and discharge patients like labs and social workers.

Apparently, it's not about the money. This will be a cost neutral new contract. So basically, that means they will be making what they call a 5 day NHS a full coverage, 7 day NHS for the same money. But the doctors won't lose any money? How is that possible?! It isn't as Arjun Samuel explains in his post:

From next April a junior Doctor earning £23000 a year, equates to £442.30 a week. if they manage to stick to 56 hours (highly unlikely) that's just £7.89 an hour. As of April next year Ikea staff paid £7.85/hr, Aldi £8.40/hr, Lidl and Morrisons £8.20/hr. This really brings it home how much our Health Secretary values Junior Doctors, when they can quit and go earn more per hour stacking tins of beans at their local Aldi and only have to work 52hrs to earn the same yearly salary and saving themselves 4 hrs a week, not pay £420/- to the GMC, save money on paying the professional indemnity insurance and BMA fees. Why stay a doctor in the NHS?

Social Media
Lots of people have been active on social media in support of the junior doctors so why won't Jeremy see?!
On Twitter
From the Welsh Government:
#Juniordoctors from any part of the UK interested in working in Wales will find a very warm welcome here

From the Scottish Government:
Nicola Sturgeon has opened #FMQs attacking Jeremy Hunt and assuring Scotland's junior doctors the contract will not be imposed here.

We all know #juniorcontract is another tactic from the Tories to run down the #NHS so the public support its privatisation.

Please don't tell me what affects my morale @Jeremy_Hunt, you alone are responsible for my sadness and despair #juniorcontract

Wow #JeremyHunt has COMPLETELY underestimated and undermined the entire medical profession. I think he will regret it.

On Facebook
From Jeremy Corbyn:
Jeremy Hunt's decision to impose a contract on junior doctors is provocative and damaging. Rather than helping to resolve this difficult dispute, his action will only inflame it.

The BMA has continued to table proposals to settle the dispute. The fact that the Health Secretary is now simply trying to impose his will rather than negotiate, demonstrates a lack of confidence in his own arguments.

We need to recognise the huge contribution junior doctors make and the years of training they go through to look after us. These are people dedicated to our health and our NHS.

Patients, doctors, the BMA and the public want an agreed settlement. What is now keeping this dispute going are the actions of the Secretary of State himself.

More strikes now look likely. If that happens, it will be clear that the blame lies with the government, not the doctors.

Even at this late stage, I appeal to Jeremy Hunt to go back and negotiate with the BMA.

This government is reckless with our NHS and is now prepared to put patient care at risk in the service of its self-defeating austerity programme.

This video is also incredibly catchy and I remember when I heard everyone singing it at the strike it was amazing!

Why did I want to be a doctor? 
Despite what people think, I did not want to be a doctor because of the money. I honestly didn't. Yes, I wanted to have a stable, guaranteed job for financial security. I don't like to rely on people and I like to be self-sufficient. But I didn't go into university for 6+ years to make money. There are a lot more, much easier ways to do that.

I came into medicine because I loved science. It's always been my favourite subject at school; it's always been the subject that came naturally to me and I always wanted to learn more. I spent a lot of my teenager years volunteering between different nurseries with children from birth to 6 years and I loved it. I loved that someone relied on me to help them. The responsibility was on me to take charge and take care of them; they were dependent on me to call the shots. I wanted a career that was both intellectually stimulating but also meant I had a chance to be sociable to communicate with people on a daily basis. But most importantly, I wanted to help people. I wanted to do my very best everyday, with my very best intentions, to improve somebody else's life, health and wellbeing.

If this goes ahead, I'm not sure I'll be able to do what I want. I won't be able to do my very best because I will be tired. I will be rushed. I will be pushed too hard. I will crumble.

If you are at all interested in this matter, and for the safety of doctors and patients alike you should be, please sign this petition!

Depressed, demoralised, disheartened. Signing off.

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Laser Team - YouTube Red Original Movie (Review)

Lazer Team is the first film produced by YouTube Red, a new paid subscription service offered by YouTube to internet users. I found this movie while searching for new movie trailers releasing soon.

Click to watch the trailer below.
Long ago, the army was sent a message from an alien species that told them a war was coming to Earth and they must train up a soilder to be ready for the fight. Being the supposed kind aliens they offer help in the form of a suit set to be delivered just in time. The army go ahead an select a baby to be raised in the army for this sole purpose. Adam, played by Ritchson, is the perfect example of a soldier with smouldering looks and sacrificial determination; he also starred as Gloss in 2013's The Hunger Games: Catching Fire so he'd already played a similar character.

The film begins with a cocky teenage jerk who’s angry at the world winning an American football game only to be arrested after causing trouble at a party by a police officer,  and father to the teen's crush, Mindy. On returning to the police station, Anthony discovers fireworks going off illegally and diverts to investigate. It turns out it's his two high school frenemies who blame him and still haven't forgiven him for losing a match.
While trying to stop them, the two small-town goofballs intercept an interstellar super power suit (that was meant for someone much more qualified) and then try on the 4 limb pieces and head. Unwittingly they activate the suit and then have little choice but to step into the role of Earth’s one true savior when an alien race invades our helpless little planet.
The self-proclaimed “Lazer Team” are so under-prepared to deal with an alien apocalypse, no one has faith. Yet with the battle only a few days away, Adam’s lifetime of training is rendered irrelevant and the army forms him to train them. Despite best attempts they decide they must amputate the  four males to remove the suit. Surprisingly the men outsmart the army base and escape, only to be chased down by the enemy alien race.
As they battle together, the 4 become increasingly closer and end up putting all quarms aside to fight and save planet Earth.

The unexpected team makes the film so much better. With geeky fun, it's so amusing because the clueless men are walking around with destructive alien technology, bickering all the time.

Somewhat anti-climatically at the end, the battle commences with a few surprises, for both the viewers and characters. I did however think the effects created by this budget movie was really good and realistic, almost as if the alien technology is so advanced that they can create a whole planet of holograms. It was all raised by a community of fans and I think it's amazing that the film got that much money together!
A fun-filled, sci-fi comedy perfect for the whole family!

Monday, 15 February 2016

Dirty Grandpa (Review)

Any movie with Zac Efron in is a must see for me. Click below to watch the trailer:
The movie begins somewhat abruptly with the family meeting up at someone's house to celebrate the life of Jason's (Zac Efron) grandmother. At the funeral the comedy starts immediately with Meredith (Julianne Hough) talking wedding details at the church service. I just wanted to scream at her to shut up. 

Jason is tricked by his grandfather to go on a roadtrip together to where the couple used to vacation every year, to the horror of his fiancée. With just a week before his wedding, Jason takes his grandfather on the road trip of his uptight, straight-A student life. But it becomes horribly clear that the old guy is now an outrageous born-again bachelor who yearns to make it with bikini-clad women there on Daytona Beach for spring break. 

It should have been abundantly clear straight away that this was the case after walking in on him doing a 'number 3' to porn. 

Shockingly fit, grandpa and Jason go through a series of moments that are bonding them and then stabbing a knife in the relationship.
De Niro’s ability to play comedy is always debatable, he is more relaxed than we’ve seen him in a while. He's racist, a bully, throw in some paedophile remarks and the movies set to offend most people. 

My favourite scene, without a doubt, is when Jason does karaoke. It reminds me so much of High School Musical's opening scene so when an audience member screams 'Who are you?!' I wanted to shout back 'Troy Bolton!' I thought it was so cute and Zac really does have a great voice. 
When Jason returns from the questionable road trip, he's changed. The lawyer is no longer so straight. It's a truly cringeworthy scene of a love song being sung between the pair from opposite ends of the room, while a slideshow of loving pictures plays in the background. Throw in some naked snaps and he questions life decisions by throwing a spanner in his seemingly perfect life. From their the conversation between the couple is through a number of people and it turns out life isn't so perfect but then who's is. 
It was ridiculously funny but completely unrealistic and way too dirty for anyone in the right mind to want to watch over and over again. I felt like I was laughing because it was being forced out of me; most the time I was disgusted and was saying eww with gags.

It was a fun film but I think most people will think that it's just TOO outrageous. I actually quite liked it but the people I went with didn't and I think a lot of people will unfortunately agree.

Friday, 12 February 2016

Valentine's Day: 15 Last Minute Gifts For Everyone!

If you haven't read my last two posts click here to see my Crafts and DIY Decor ideas.
Pinnable image :)
It's Valentine's Day weekend and just 2 days left until the day itself! I thought for today's post it would be a good idea to show some last minute gift ideas for both friends and that 'special one'. I love how simple and easy some of these are and you can literally pick these up on the way home from a local shop if you haven't got anything yet!

Disclaimer: I've found all these ideas on Pinterest but I also remember doing them myself when I was younger.

I have included links to the original posts but I also found it very annoying when I would go on Pinterest and then that post would take me to another and another and then finally the original with the actual instructions. So while you can have a look at the original posts, you don't need to click on them to be able to do the activity, unless you want more detail.

I've tried to include a few gifts for everyone from teachers, children friends, girlfriends and boyfriends! Of course, some of the gifts can be transferred to different groups. 

For the children:

1. Pencils:
Another great gift for school is pencils! No one, not even adults, can have enough pencils! Add a 'Looking Sharp' or 'You've got the WRITE stuff' label for a funny pun gift.

2. Kinetic Sand -
For younger kids to gift give, buy some kinetic sand in bulk and some small containers to split it between then attach the labels (below). You could even just use some bags and tie to label on with string. I know that my 3 year old loves this stuff so it will be sure to be a hit!

3. Popcorn -
You could also find little bags of popcorn and then print off these labels to make them more punny.

4. Heart Crayons - 
This is one of my favourite ideas that I saw ages ago. So many crayons get broken so easily and it's so hard to draw with little bits remaining. Gather all these pieces together and mix them up. Then place them in a silicone heart mould and cook for 20 minutes on 180C (until melted). Allow to cool and then you can give them out as gifts to school kids. I think these are so neat and clever. 
If you have time you could also do them in specific colours like pink and do an almost ombre effect. 

5. Butterfly Lolly -
I completely forgot where I originally got this idea from but there is a good video linked for a detailed explanation. Basically, fold a piece of card in half and draw a heart without the point. Then cut it out and make two small slits on the fold. When it opens, it will look like a butterfly with a space for the lollipop to slip into. You can decorate it to make it a bit mire personalised with stickers, pain or just messages.

For friends:

I've tried to avoid chocolate and treats as much as possible because I think they are, with flowers, the most overused gifts of all time. But this one was just small and way to cute to miss. Simple print of the name place setting, fold in half and attach the heart shaped treat to make the other end of the 'arrow to my heart'. 

7. Smores -
Another sweet treat is this totally adorable mason jar full on smores. While the blog originally uses smore chex mix, I know we don't have that in the UK, so I think this would be super cute if you found a large jar and filled in with digestive biscuits, marshmallows and chocolate. Once filled, print off the label and fill.

For a free gift, head over to somewhere that sells paint and pick up some sample paint stripes in shades of red and pink. Everyone always needs bookmarks and these are literally perfect for the job! To add a little more personalisation and effort punch heart shaped holes along the side and you could even add a smaller hole at the top to tie some ribbon to. These will be sure to keep your place in any book!

9. Part 1: Lip Balms -
Valentine's comes right when chapped lips are at their absolute height in the population. I would love to get a cute lip balm as a present because somehow everyone manages to lose them so you can ever have enough. You can buy these in bulk and then print off some cute labels. Either leave them in the original packaging or you can use some tissue paper and tie it up like a sweetie wrapper if you have a little more time!

9. Part 2: Lip Balms -
For a slightly younger gift giver, these cute labels are also cute if you give a bee inspired product like Burt's Bee's lip balm. You can either print of the label for teachers or the label for a friend. These would be perfect for giving out at school!

10. Decorate Ceramics with Sharpies! -
Easy presents are often the most thoughtful. Buy a relatively cheap and plain plate/mug/bowl and then decorate it with sharpies. These are so simple to make, draw on your design in a Sharpie and then bake in the oven for an hour on 200C to set it. For an extra bit of love, add some treats to item like sweets in Valentine colours. Not only is the gift useful but yummy too!

11. Darling Tote Bag with Ombré Heart -
I did show this on the Kids Crafts post on Monday but I also think for a gift, it would be really cute to do on the tote bag. Kids probably won't be able to quite reach the standard necessary for using it out and about but for teenagers +, these turn out darling!

For him:
12. Cuff links -
I'm so bad with presents for guys, literally anytime of the year and I couldn't find any Pinterest inspiration. I do think cufflinks are a really cute idea for those special occasions like fancy dates on Valentine's dates ;)

13. Rock Paper Weight -
Another simple idea for a guy is a paper weight for his desk. If you find a big rock, wash it and once dry you could paint it, decorate it in hearts or simple write 'you rock my world'.

For both: 

14. Basket -
Fill up a basket full of small gifts that your partner will enjoy. Basically anything for an amazing night in. I think CDs, DVDs, books, socks, and other small items that can fit into a cute basket or box are always a cute idea. For a woman, you could get bath bombs or make-up or eve lingerie (but not if you've only been together a few days/weeks please! For a guy, maybe some video games or his favourite aftershave or some expensive Calvin Klein underwear.

For her:

15. Part 1: 365 Days of Happiness -
My heart would just melt if a guy did this for me. I saw it going around a few years ago and I'm just praying my future husband will do this for me in 10 years or so. It's not so last minute unless you pull an all nighter but she'll be sure to appreciate the effort. Buy a massive mason jar and then fill it with 365 post it notes with messages written on. There's so many things you could do. It could be really anything from messages of support, quotes, memories that will make them smile, reasons you love them. If you have a little more time you could colour code it with different types of messages and one could be date ideas for those times when you're stuck later on in the year.

15. Part 2: Messages -
Another thoughtful gift but takes less time is the messages. Basically pick a handful of topics and rite a letter for them to open on that occasion. There are loads of topics to read here but for example, open when:
  • You first receive these letters
  • You're happy
  • You're sad
  • You miss me
  • You need to know how much I love you
  • You need me
  • You feel lonely.

I hope some of these gifts were helpful and interesting! I love the funny puns some of the gifts have :)