Sunday, 27 September 2015

Uni Room Tour + Decorations

On Saturday I moved into my university accommodation for my second year at university.

The room itself is dark beige and white and with my blue accents; the bathroom en-suite is yellow and white with a little pink and blue with my extras.

Starting with the bedroom:
Shoe rack and little set of drawers. In the drawers I have make-up, hair stuff, nail stuff and then medications. 

My double bed with a white fleece blanket and 2 decorative cushions.

Bean bag with clothes on (oops!), laptop bag and laundry bag.

A little desk drawer set. The top has work stuff and the bottom pants/bras/socks/tights. On top is a box of kitchen stuff and then my plates, cups, lunch boxes and NutriBullet.

Shelf space for work, iPod speakers and pictures. On the desk my laptop and printer.

Relatively large wardrobe. Inside one side is shelving and one is hanging space.

My favourite picture frames!

A little picture collage stuck on with BluTac

Close up.

White board and entrance to the room.

Pin board included in the room.

And finally the bathroom:


Yellow splash board and yellow glass of the shower.
Love all the storage space and the pink and blue items on display.


Mirrored cabinet.

Toilet and bin ect.

So that's it for my room. I'm hoping to cover the walls a little more but I quite like it. It's homey and I love how it's not all just white. There is little bursts of colour throughout. 

Saturday, 26 September 2015

The 100 Trilogy (Review)

I know that there are three separate books with almost separate storylines but as I read them immediately after one another it made more sense for me to group them together. For those who haven't read the previous novel(s) to the one I discuss, there may be some spoilers...or, depending on how you look at it.

Having fallen completely and totally in love with TV series, I expected nothing less than to do the exact same thing with the book series. I wasn't wrong but I was surprised by how much they changed the storyline for the TV series.

For starters, the main character of Clarke's mum was dead. She was 'floated' at the same time as Clarke's dad. Abigail Griffin is one of the main characters in the show and a key character for all the going-on's on The Arc. She seemed in control of everything; she was fundamental in how the ship was run and keeping society alive. Not only in her role as a doctor but in the council, she gave people someone to rely on and trust.  She was the constant of a rotating home...but in reality the author never wrote her that way. In the book, she broke the rules and she was out. Simple as that. There was no compassionate circumstances which let her off and hence no one was on the lookout for Clarke.

Well there was one person: Wells. He betrayed Clarke back on the Arc and to protect and prevent her from getting floated on her 18th birthday, took drastic action to make sure the council had to send 'The 100' earlier. These are criminals who have broken the rules before their 18th birthday so have been sent to a detention facility to await retrial on their birthday.

It's an interesting read because it is written from 4 different characters point of view. 3 on Earth are Clarke, Bellamy and Wells; 1 left on the ship is Glass. Glass is my favourite character in this series, and yet she isn't a character in the TV series. Glass' story is so romantic and even though she has done bad things and lied, I can't help but love her more with every sentence. I ended up skipping to her chapters to finish her story first.

The first book, 'The 100' focus' on the adolescents being sent to Earth in a desperate, final attempt to see if the Earth is safe for humans to recolonise. After radiation poisoning, a few lucky people were allowed on a ship to orbit in space. Over generations, the population has reached crisis level despite the strict rules preventing more than one child to be born per couple.

As the 100 quickly adapt to survive, power because the main struggle as a strong leader is required to battle against those who were left on the planet. While above, the last of the oxygen causes drastic action to be taken by the elites of society, who cut off the air supply to those poorer.

'The 100: Day 21' sees Wells try to take power in order to keep everyone safe. Bellamy is distraught after his sister is kidnapped and Clarke does her best to stay civil. As she finds a new society 'The Grounders' she struggles to believe they didn't kill her friends and discovers the truth of her parents and life on the ground had 2 groups of Grounders.

Glass climbs through air-vents to be reunited with her true love and then finds a way to let the poor through. From there on, it's a battle of strength to be one of the few on the last remaining drop-ships to Earth, or be left suffocating in space.

'The 100: Homecoming' begins as the drop-ships crash land mere miles from the 10's base camp. While the 100 try to help the new settlers find shelter and provide a way to survive, their new found friends must hide in the forest to prevent the guards from killing them at first site.

Wells has fallen for a Grounder and Clarke has fallen for Bellamy, who shot the leader in order to come with the 100, where his sister was. He has to hide from the guards to prevent getting killed himself.

Glass escapes with her love to protect him from being forced to fulfil his guard duties but do they have the means to survive in this new world by themselves? When Bellamy is caught and tortured, Wells and Clarke hatch an escape plan to free him. Luckily the nice grounders provide shelter and then fight to protect them. 

Friday, 25 September 2015

How To: Evening Make-Up!

After posting my day make-up people asked how I change that into an evening look. Well...I do almost the same make-up for daytime as I do for an evening with just a little extra glam. Instead of repeating myself, click here for my natural make-up look which we will then add to. I like to get ready quickly and I usually can't be bothered with all the extra things so...

For an evening look like:

Do the same routine as the natural day make-up look linked above, except for 2 things. First, add a primer base after the moisturiser. I use 'BareMineral Prime Time Foundation Primer'. Then add in 'BareMinerals Mineral Veil in Original' layer before the blusher. This helps prevent a shiny look and creates a flawless finish when in flash photography...supposedly!

Then add an eye-shadow primer. I use 'Urban Decay Eye Shadow Primer Potion' in Eden. Eden gives it a colour but for no colour and just a crease-proof primer get the Original. A quick tip is to wait for it to dry before applying any more. I put this on using the 'Urban Decay Eye Shadow brush' (I can't seem to find a link to the actual brush but this is close).

Then pick your eyeshadow. I'm no expert in make-up so I like to keep the technique really simple. I use my finger and then add a 'Urban Decay Moondust Eye Shadow' with my finger tip. I have it in both Glitter Rock which is pink (pictured above) and Space Cowboy (pictured below) which goes with literally everything.

Then add your eye-shadow highlighter to help open your eyes up. I use the lightest colour on the 'Urban Decay Naked Palette' called Virgin. Put a dot in the corner of your eye and brush it underneath the arch of your eyebrow. Recently, I've also liked putting a quick brush stroke underneath my eyes to brighten any dark patches I have and it also helps to quickly brush away any eye shadow fallout.

Final touches for the eyes include Mascara and if you use an eye pencil than that too. I rarely use either, but when I use mascara I use the 'Urban Decay Big Fatty Mascara'.

Final difference for the evening look is the lips. Now I used to just add a gloss or lip balm but now I've started to use lipsticks and my favourite new product, Glitter Lips! I've already done a tutorial post on how to do these lips so click here!

And that's the finished look! Hope you enjoyed this post and if in anyway it helps, let me know! Also, if you have any quick tips for me, leave it in the comments below :)


For the YouTube video click here!

Thursday, 24 September 2015

Everest (Review)

A movie based on a true story about the 1996 Mount Everest disaster: the catastrophic blizzard that claimed the lives of eight climbers and guides on the world’s mightiest peak in 1996.

The competition at base camp is as high as it's ever been, creating tension and difficulties for all  parties involved. The two main groups are Adventure Consultants, led by Rob, and Mountain Madness, led by the uber competitive Scott. In the craziness of the masses, ropes are left unsecured and ladders wobbly and the confusion that follows, delays and risks lives.

The film starts with Rob leaving his pregnant wife and fellow climber, Jan, at home. Rob and the team fly out to Nepal to meet with their clients, who have each paid £65,000 to get to the summit. It's a mixed bag of people: Doug who has once been close to summitting before and is a mail man in his life; Beck who has 10 years climbing experience and is adamant he will achieve this goal; Yasuko who has climbed 6 of the 7 summits and wants to achieve this greatness - by far the most inspiring person; a journalist; and a guy who has lost a third of his foot due to frostbite climbing in the past.

At the end of the movie, it showed images of the real life people and I am amazed by how similar the actors looked to the original people.

You think the challenge will be climbing the mountain but to me, it would also be a challenge to just reach base camp. As they carry supplies through small villages and climb higher and higher, stopping and monasteries along the way.

All the way through the movie, my mum kept saying why would they want to do that, but the movie doesn't seem to explore their motives too closely. Early on, when the journalist Jon Krakauer asks them why they want to climb Everest, no one seems to know. Or at least not willing to explain. Doug wants to inspire children back home, normal people can achieve their dreams; Beck to say he has done it, but we later learn it's because he feels free; Yasuko  to say she has climbed all 7!

Falling. Altitude causing a lack of oxygen. Pure exhaustion. Avalanches. Frostbite exposure.

All of these potential causes of death are on display in a gut-wrenching second hour that will have you squirming. The first, sets the scene and shows the acclimatisation tasks to get the climbers ready for the challenge they are about to face.

The entire crew and cast crew has done an excellent job in crafting and bringing to life this real-life disaster with an emotional consistency as well. Everest definitely dares you to imagine what it must be like to be at the top of the world with everything around going horribly, horribly wrong. With the fates of the different climbers unsure, Everest is nail-biting tense.

A storm front appears to provide security in their May 10th arrival, but the storm comes early. Rob has to make decisions and as consequences of the disaster becomes clear, tension turns into grim sadness amid frozen corpses. He goes against his original saying: I'm here to get you down alive.

Everest boasts of a handful of spectacular shots that show how small the climbers are against the awe and majesty of Everest. The best shots are when Beck slips while trying to cross a terrifyingly deep chasm over a wobbly ladder or the camps in the middle of seemingly nowhere.

While there are moments where the towering peak is overshadowed by dram, the viewers can forgive them in favour of the compelling experience of ascent and descent to the summit which is heaven for a moment and hell the next.

Thoroughly enjoyable, emotive and incredible moving.

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

The Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials (Review)

INTRO: If you haven't seen the trailer click here or here.

After the last movie left off on such a cliffhanger, I think this sequel was highly anticipated. I was certainly so excited and I wasn't disappointed. The Maze Runner left off with the survivors being supposedly rescued by a rival group of WCKD (wicked) and thrown onto a helicopter. Everyone was left screaming ‘NO!’ but alas, that was where it ended.

Coming out of the cinema I felt it was amazing but reflecting back, compared to the first movie that was always on the go, I guess it was a slow point in the trilogy. In a way, they had to set the background for the next movie and explain how they got to that stage. I think the third will be the most action packed. It's yet to be announced it is being split so I only hope it will not be.

I was really impressed by the effects. Both the scientific special effects and all the zombie effects were sublime. The chases with the zombies were sublime especially the one falling through the glass window (seen in the trailer).

As expected, the movie begins as the helicopter lands. Again, the teenagers are yanked about and dragged to a door while men in full guard suits are firing into a fast approaching zombie army, which we learn are called ‘Cranks’.

The camera flies through the entry and lands them in a clinical area. After running medical examinations and taking vial after vial of blood, the escapees are lead into a canteen area where many other teens await. We quickly learn that there were other mazes and similarly, escapees. I think this only leads to more questions: why did they all escape at the exact same time?

Each day, survivors are called out and taken to a ‘paradise’ that is free from the virus. Thomas, being as inquisitive as ever, instantly finds a connection, a friendship, in a boy called Aris. Aris is a quiet boy who sits alone in the back of the room as the oldest member of the little camp of survivors; he is the equivalent of Teresa in the fact he was the only one of his gender in the maze.

Together they crawl through air vents and discover that the people whom they thought were saving their lives are actually slowly draining them of their precious fluids. They are immune to the virus, ‘The Flare’ which almost wiped out humane society, and their fluid is needed for the protection of the rest of the world.

As trusting as ever, Thomas’ friends follow him as he leads them into a firing squad before escaping the facility, leaving so many others behind. They escape into a sand storm and into the scorch.

Here we learn why it’s called ‘The Scorch Trials’. All that’s left of the world after the fires appears to be a barren and inhospitable desert wasteland. The trials aspect is because they have to overcome all these challenges and obstacles in their way to reach their destination.

As they trek over sand dunes, they hope to find the ‘Right Arm’, an army that will rescue them, provide refuge and actually take them to the paradise. Despite it being abandoned, they get captured and freed, captured and freed and captured and freed multiple times.

They battle against the Cranks and there are definitely a lot of jumpy moments. I think the whole cinema jumped out of their seats when the zombie-like dead people keep coming at them. Once you think you've lost them, another group finds them. Although, I'll admit when they turned on the power and all the lights went on in the middle of the night was idiotic. I swear that happens in every scary movie and it's like 'You idiot!'. You want to scream and shake the person!

A story of true friendship, trust and sacrifice means that lives are lost. One of my favourite scenes is when one character is bitten and to stop himself being turned into a ‘Crank’ he asks the team to leave him and a gun. As they walk away, a gunshot rings out. A single line of silhouettes stand still and look back as the sun sets behind them. Serene.

Clearly, these teens know death and accept it rather than cry and grieve inconsolably. Maybe we can learn something from dystopia world’s like the Maze Runner Trilogy. Instead of crying, celebrate someone’s life and be thankful that their pain is over. Granted, not murderously killed but if they were suffering… I know I would rather end my life earlier than end it in monumental pain.

‘Sometimes living is a lot harder than dying.’

The movie climaxes with an epic betrayal leading to a battle against the enemy. The teens only way to survive is to be resourceful and band together. Who will come out on top?

In a way, I thought the movie should have ended a few minutes earlier with so many of the people being taken, but Thomas’ ‘moving speech’ as the characters put it, provides hope for the future and the anti-climactic end is just as powerful.

As viewers, once again we await answers as to what will happen next. Frustratingly, the next instalment isn't set to be released until 2017. What will we do until then?! Re-read the books in the trilogy is my answer. Plus don't forget the two prequels that are either out or soon to come out.

In brief it's about making new friends, reuniting with those missing and fighting together to remain humane.

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

The Maze Runner (Review)

I know it's extremely late but I thought to celebrate The Scorch Trials coming out today I would finally write this well overdue review of one of my favourite movies. I have now watched this movie...8 times? Clearly this isn't a first impressions as most of my reviews are but an eight impression but let's just think of it the same way ;)

I love this movie and I can't quite believe that it hasn't been recognised more. The movie begins straight off the bat with action immediately. It sets the fast pace for the rest of the movie and there really is not a slow moment. 

From Thomas entering the maze, he immediately makes enemies and then his curiosity gets the better of him, leading to him breaking the rules. This only leads to more hatred even though he saves lives. The twist comes when the all-boy village is ambushed by a girl, Teresa, who seemingly remembers Thomas. From there, everything the boys knew about the world they live in changes. It's a desperate struggle of power to gain control and save the family that they've come to know and love.

Who will end up on top and which plan will they go for? 

After the Grievers, the attacking monsters, are discovered to be from the same company as the supplies they receive, a controversial plan of action is set up. 

Ambushes and behind-the-back planning  are required for success but how many others can they convince to join. The only  way to escape is through more Grievers so it's all or nothing and the epic battle scene begins. 

The cliffhanger at the end drive me crazy and just left me wanting more! How did he get there? Why isn't he dead? She committed suicide! They're the bad guys?! What's the next stage?

If you haven't seen this movie yet, go watch it now! And then after go to the cinema and see The Scorch Trials which came out today! 

Thursday, 17 September 2015

Trainwreck (Review)

It begins showing the scene that made the trailer. A dad talks to his two young daughters about divorcing their mother. He explains by reasoning that his affair was due to mankind is not meant to be monogamous. Yeah, 2 little girls and their first lesson of love. 23 years later and Amy sticks to his rule by completing one night stand after one night stand while her younger sister is married with a child. She is a writer for a man's magazine and the plot leads her to interview a sports doctor, Aaron. 

It's hilarious! One man, she tries to get him to talk dirty to and then suddenly he starts talking about health kick stuff like green juice and protein powder. When she tells him to stop he begins with NIKE slogan and then she changes tactics to romantic. He begins telling her the first time he saw her and it seems to be going well! Until...he says she looked like a man from behind and then he comes in an intensive orgasm. The first sign he's gay! 

Clearly the movie involves a lot of sex which is the main reason behind the movie. 

Daniel Radcliffe makes a cameo in the movie when one date leads to a movie theatre. Honestly, it's clearly a stupid in-movie movie where Daniel falls for his female co-star who has millions of cats. And of course, it leads to more gay signs...uh oh. 

The romance seen in the trailer appears to be delusional and non-existent. There is no chemistry at all but then Amy hyperventilates... All the awkwardness intensifies and suddenly the interviewee is on a date.

Amy takes control and gets exactly what she wants while Aaron is left searching not for answers. I thought the whole scene was full of uncomfortable energy. Her pickiness clearly frustrates him but he says nothing. 

As the film nears the end, the doctor supports her through emotional life events and you begin to see how they could work as a couple. He clearly loves her and her inability to commit to a relationship ultimately ends up ruining it for her.

How could a comedy not include a dramatic dance routine? I hear you ask and you won't be disappointed. To show her love to him, Amy decides to learn a routine which she thinks Aaron will like. Of course, he does. She does the cheerleader routine but a simpler version. She's purposely falls behind but I actually think it was really good!

All in all, an enjoyable light-hearted movie. Nice to watch lying in bed relaxing but probably won't be desperate to watch again any time soon. 

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Life with a Sprinkle of Glitter (Review) / Exclusive Pages

I'm not an addicted fan of Louise Pentland, or her YouTube name of SprinkleOfGlitter, but nevertheless I have watched a number of her videos and seen her in other YouTubers'. I thing she seems genuine and down-to-earth. Compared to all the super skinny YouTubers, she's the one most people can relate to.

When I was on Amazon buying I can't remember what, her book came up as recommended and when I saw the special offer price of £2.99 I felt I couldn't refuse. With all Prime products, it was swiftly delivered the next day.

Having not looked into it, I was expecting it to be a biography but I was wrong...deeply wrong. Not only was there very little personal stories. Instead it was almost a survival guide.

It is very much a Louise written self-help book. You can sense where she wrote and how she was feeling at the time. You can tell she was passionate about the things she choose to put in and it's nice to read in her voice.

There are chapters on: Beauty, Partying, Shopping, Travelling, Crafts, Baking, Decorating, Education, Bullying and as a follow on Online Safety, Body Confidence and finally the reason I bought the book, the real life detail about Louise.

The way in which the book is written means you can pick a choose the parts you want to read. It's not a story or even to a set timeline, so there isn't a chronology. If you're not interested in one topic move to the next; if you only want to read about decorating your room skip to there.

I like the fact that she choose which topics to include and wrote about those she was passionate about. She uses personal experiences to give tips and tricks in a non-condescending way, but a way that makes people listen. I'll hold my hands up and say I don't agree with them all, but that's a matter of opinion.

I think the Crafts and Baking sections are almost laughable. Admitting herself, Louise isn't great at either. She even goes so far as to call the it the 'Anti-Baking' chapter which I thought was hilarious. The few recipes she includes actually includes very little baking, if any: chocolate dipped strawberries and rice crispy buns to name a few. Even so, she makes it so everyone of any ability to achieve them.

Using her position of online fame, I think it was fantastic she included the online safety. The people who read the book will most likely to be from the online community and hence, direct to the audience in hand.

I think the most important chapter is Body Confidence. As much as I think that obese people need to loose weight for their own health, I think it's an important message. I for one haven't always been the most confident person. I remember I used to be so ashamed of my acne on my chin, I used to chew my jumper so that I could cover it up. Until one boy at school noticed and mentioned it, I hadn't really known I was doing. I had gotten so used to doing it when my acne was bad, that I ended up doing it all the time. Coming from Louise, I think people will take notice. Admittedly, she isn't the skinniest but she is beautiful because of the way her confidence just makes her so. She loves herself and knows how to dress to best suit her body. Now, she's decided a clothing range for SimplyBe. I hope one day to be able to do the same.

Finally, the last chapter is what I really wanted to read. It starts with 'Boys and Lurve' and 'Dating'. I can't tell you how hilarious these were. Louise shares all her most awful dates and isn't afraid to laugh at least now that they are in the past. It makes you feel a lot better about your own love life. Even though, her and her husband are now separated she still shares their love story. Most likely because at the time of writing they were still together but I'm happy she didn't pull those parts from the book. 'Bonding with Baby' shares how she bonded with her little girl 'Darcy' and first hand knowledge that she wished she had known as a first time mother.
With titles like 'The Poo Man Date and 'The Tampon Man Date' it's a sure laugh!
Overall, although the book in it's entirety didn't particularly appeal to me, it was well written and all fans of Louise will love it. The love chapters were clearly my favourite and they will always be there for when I need a laugh!

Toodlepip! ;)

Tuesday, 15 September 2015


I was going to do this as a 2 part series for both the morning and evening but then I realised that my morning routine consisted on basically nothing, so here is my evening routine with a mention of my morning routine!

To start, I put my hair up in a high bun and wear a hair band to keep all my hair off of my face.

My evening routine begins with taking off my make-up. I have acne prone skin so my skin care routine is important to me and as such I like to use as few a products as possible.

I use lukewarm water to wet my face and then use my 'Make-up Eraser' flannel. A flannel works just as well but the specialised one is just slightly more gentle and doesn't break open my acne if it's inflamed. Pictured is just a normal flannel because my 'Make-up Eraser' was in the wash at the time.

Then I use my Clinique Face Wash 'Acne Solutions Cleansing Foam'. It is a little pricey of a product but 1 pump is all it takes to do my whole face, twice a day; each big bottle lasts around 4 months. I massage this gently into my face with my finger tips.

Then I use my Vanity Planet 'Spin for Perfect Skin' and gently go over my whole face in circular motions. Mine also came with a denser brush called the exfoliating brush but it actually caused me to break out more because I think it was too harsh on my sensitive skin, the body brush which I've used a few times in the bath and the pumice stone which is great on the heels of my feet.
TIP: Vanity Planet often have 70% discounts which makes the products far more affordable so wait!

Finally, I use the lukewarm water to remove the product from my face and rinse off the brush on the skin system.

Time for my teeth to get cleaned! I use cold water to wet my toothbrush both before and after! I have the 'Philips Sonicare EasyClean' electric toothbrush and pair this with Colgate Whitening toothpaste, it varies on which. Afterwards, I splash my whole face with ice cold water. I don't know where I heard it from but it makes sense to me, the cold water contracts the pores so makes them reduce in size. Similarly, hot water opens pores. I also find it refreshing so double win!

After I've dried my face, I use a toner from Lush called 'Eau Roma Water' and a cotton wool pad to go over my entire face. 3 squirts on the pad lasts the whole face. Make sure to only go over the same area once, there's no point putting the dirt back into the pores you've just unclogged. This also helps remove any lasting make-up you may have.

Finally, I put on my night creams. Because I have acne, I have a number of prescription based medications so I don't use a moisturiser at night time.

I begin applying my Epiduo onto all the mild acne that I have on my face. A pea size drop allows a thin layer over the area to be applied. Then a put on Zineryt onto the angry acne, that's either red and inflamed and just like urgh!

After those, I apply Sudocrem to the acne scars that I have or recently deceased spots :') The final product is Vaseline! I apply Vaseline to my lips always to keep them moisturised and then any dry patches that I have. Recently, after going on holiday it's been my nose and my chin.

For those who don't have bad acne and just the odd spot, in other words, no dermatologist or prescription medicines the Clinique Acne Solutions range continues to cover more products. They recommend the 3 step process using the 'Acne Solutions Clarifying Lotion' which is like a toner and the 'Acne Solutions All-Over Clearing Treatment' which is like a weaker form of my Differin pump.


Once a week I put on a mask. I use the Lush mask called 'Mask of Magnaminity'. I like this because it smells divine, it's self-preserving so it doesn't need to be kept in the fridge and also when you remove it, it gently exfoliates so dual-purpose as well as clearing pores.

Every three days I also use Clinique's 'Exfoliating Scrub' after the face wash just to make my skin feel smoother and to gently unclog pores even more. Because of the way my skin is, I don't like to do it any more than that but depending on your skin, you may find it helps. When I do, I definitely notice that the skin is smoother and my make-up goes on much smoother.


For my morning routine I do the same face wash in the shower using my fingers only - I have a shower every morning - and then once I'm out, I brush my teeth.


After writing this post, I decided to record a video of my routine because I thought it would be easier to visualise and follow along. It's about 3 and a half minutes long so will only take a few minutes to watch. The raw footage was about 12 minutes long so it's a quick and easy routine for those people always in a rush! Enjoy and let me know what you think :)

Sunday, 13 September 2015

Conquering Chaos by Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra (Review)

A strange read to say the least. I found it odd that they wrote the book together but given the time they've been together, they've become an almost package deal on the Teen Mom scene. Unlike the other girls on Teen Mom, Cate and Tyler are in a stable relationship and have been together the entire time. Yes they may have had a few arguments and a number of extreme ones, even causing Tyler to call off their engagement for a brief time but they're together so writing it together I guess made sense.

The way it is written is in first person, but split between Catelynn and then Tyler writing. They continuously switch off with one another but sticking to the same topics. They stick to chronological order which is great because I hate books that jump around and come back on themselves.

It's crazy how even before they knew each other, they both went through very similar experiences growing up in regards to living in trailer parks and having one parent consistent and the other gone. All be it, Tyler's consistent parent was a great mum working hard to make a better life for her children whereas Cate's was a suffering alcoholic who had a different man every few weeks, leaving Catelynn to raise her siblings.

The main part of the book concentrated on life before Carly, their first born, and almost read like a self-help book for youth's in a similar position to them. They were both troublesome kids that didn't try very hard and so were probably going to end up repeating the cycle that their parents had.
It wasn't the easiest relationship because Catelynn moved to a different state multiple times to try and get a stable life, living first with her father and then her grandparents before moving back to her mother. After moving back, they quickly get pregnant and so the decision towards adoption begins. As showcased on the show, Tyler's dad and Cate's mum neither agree with adoption and make it well know. The couple share how it made them each feel from their own perspectives.

It has a few places of comedy with Catelynn saying that she knew she couldn't let her mum meet Tyler's dad's because he was 'just her type of guy'. Tyler laughs in his face but then he admits she was right because it was love at first sight. I didn't realise that they were the cause of each other's downfall and that they had a court issued no visition, hence why Butch kept going back to prison. The realisation that Cate's mum finally has, comes when Butch sets fire to the house after falling asleep with drugs! That's when Cate's mum starts to turn her life around.

The book then quickly skips to how perfect life is now. Planning a wedding and being pregnant is where the book leaves.

I was quite disappointed with the book as a whole because I was expecting it to explain the struggle of abortion, how to get through it and the struggles that have been shown on Teen Mom. I was looking forward to reading about how they overcame the battle with Brandon and Teresa over Carly rights and then how they decided to try for another baby. None of which was mentioned.

They now have sweet baby Nova and have recently got married! I believe they have now seen past these issues and I've even seen photo's of Carly at their wedding which I am thrilled at. Congratulations to you both!

Meet Nova!
To see the rest of the wedding pictures see here!