Thursday, 25 June 2015

Will You Be My Bridesmaid? 👰

So today I was reminded of the fact that I have never been a bridesmaid. And it honestly makes me so incredibly sad and depressed.

My beautiful friend was recently a bridesmaid and looked gorgeous. She has a blog post all about it if you want to check it out: How nice is this photo!

Hope you don't mind I stole your photo!
Another friend got asked to be a bridesmaid today and I think it is one of the cutest things ever! Congratulation Haylee and Tyler and Jen I hope you have the best time ever.

But it makes me think back to last September when it was my oldest sisters wedding. The year before she got engaged she told me and Jess that we would be 'The first to know because [we] would need to organise dates to try on bridesmaids dresses'. I was so incredibly excited.

When I found out she was engaged I kept waiting and waiting for the call or even a text. But not one. I asked dad if she had mentioned it and he said no. So still I waited. By June, we asked who the bridesmaids were and she told us. I was so disappointed and upset. Honestly, I was shocked. I had just taken it as a given. On the day there were a maid of honour, 2 bridesmaids and 3 flower girls.

Dad cheered me and Jess up by saying we could at least go to the hen party. least I would be apart of the wedding in some way right? No... I found out on Facebook that it had already happened. That I wasn't included, told or even invited. Honestly, by this point, the only part I was looking forward was spending time with Hallie.

As the weekend went on, I quickly learnt that I was just a normal guest. Not involved at all. It went from worse to worse to worse...

First of all, I wasn't allowed into the venue but dad and all the bridesmaids were. In the ceremony, I wasn't even in the front; I was 4 rows back. When the bride is suppose to throw the bouquet that didn't even happen. I learnt that instead, she had asked a 4th person to be her bridesmaid and because she was pregnant she didn't want to 'ruin it'. So because Vicky felt like she wanted to make her part of it, she gave the bouquet to her. That makes me not even in the top 5 most important people. The professional photographer didn't take a single photo of me (apart from the official group ones of the family). I asked Vicky to take a nice photo with me and it never happened. The seating arrangement meant that our table wasn't even in the same room as the bridal party. It just felt very separated. Finally on the Sunday, we were all suppose to go on a picnic to the beach but we were the only ones who didn't...who knows why?!

Anyway, Victoria had a blast but when I look back on the day, there is very little I want to remember. I shed a lot of tears and I told myself they were happy but maybe some were sad tears... I'm not sure I will ever be able to forget this moment of hurt. I've been hurt in arguments but honestly, I don't remember all the stupid petty things. This decision, coming from someone whom I love so dearly has left be heartbroken. Forgiven but never forgotten.

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I'm not sure I want to look back at how badly they read!

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Tuesday Tip: 9 Step White Highlight on Blogger Removal

I don't know if you've noticed but on some of my blog posts, some of the words come up highlighted in white. It was so annoying because I didn't put it in there, it just came up when the post was published. For anyone who also uses Blogger to write posts you might have also experienced it. I learnt today that it is a glitch with the software and they are suppose to be fixing it soon!

In the meantime, the only way I could work out how to get rid of it was to type the entire thing out again because copying would just leave it in. So here's what I learnt today: a quick-er way to get rid of it. It's still not the best but if your posts are fairly short it works.

1. Open the blog post to edit it.
2. Look in the top left.
3. Click on the HTML, rather than the compose tab.
4. Click 'Ctrl' and 'F' buttons and a little box should come up in the top right.
5. Type in 'white'.
6. This will then highlight all the words that are 'white'.
7. Then go through them all, highlighting where the word 'white' appears after 'background color'.
8. Delete only the word 'white'.
9. Done!
A sneak peak of tomorrow's post! Shush...

Thank you. Hope everyone finds this useful :)

Sunday, 21 June 2015

7 Things I don't miss about LONDON!

1. Crowded trains and lack of tube ‘etiquette’.

2. The unpredictable weather. The firework display over the River Thames was one of the wettest nights of my life :(

3. Tube strikes: it's almost the end of the world.

4. Expensive accommodation and lack of a large backyard.

5. Tourists...I hate them! Whether they are blocking the streets to take photos, stopping randomly because they are lost or taking massive suitcases on the tubes in rush hour. 

6. The heat underground. So many times I put on my coat for the 3 minute journey to the tube and then start sweating profusely and have to take it off and carry it the rest of the way.

7. The water...

Saturday, 20 June 2015

7 Things I miss about LONDON!

1. Being independent.

2. Getting to places by myself in 10 minutes! The tube is amazing.

3. The parks: an escape from city living without having to physically leave.

4. The architecture. I think I will always have the tourist look on London - constant awe. Especially Buckingham Palace, London Eye and Big Ben. 

5. Night buses within easy reach of home.

6. Contactless payment makes public transport so easy.

7. The weather always seemed so much warmer than Yorkshire. 

Thursday, 4 June 2015

Monsoon Addict

I have quickly become a Monsoon addict. Only the worst shop to become addicted to because even though it's a high street shop it is the most expensive! But I can't help it :(

I bought dresses (a lot) for the RUMS Ball; swimming costumes and 3 pairs of shoes.

Oops :/
Don't worry...I'm only keeping one tankini and a pair of heels.

I've definitely put weight on over the past 3 months or so, so even though I have lots of bikinis I just thought I might be more comfortable in a tankini this year. 


Monday, 1 June 2015


After the ball last night, I woke up way after my alarm had gone off and very late. I quickly got dressed and set off to Alexandra Palace for one of the highlights of my entire year. I had the opportunity to meet Anna and Jonathan Saccone-Joly from SACCONEJOLYs on YouTube. As one of the first 200 people (I was actually 13th!) to donate £20 to the RSPCA, I was guaranteed a conversation and photo. I was so excited.

When I arrived, after taking 3 tube rides and 2 buses, I slowly made my way down the hill to the big walkies. It was such a great chance to meet them but also raise money and awareness was a fantastic charity which I already support.

The SACCONEJOLYs were the first YouTubers I ever subscribed to, the first family vloggers I ever watched and some of the happiest most positive people I - feel like I - know. I had been watching them for almost 3 years so it was just an exciting adventure. I was looking forward to seeing what they were actually like in person.

When I arrived, the queue was still huge even though the meet-up was suppose to be finishing in half an hour. I was the last person who had the email confirmation ticket and the last in the queue for nearly an hour.

While queuing, I got some great news that grandma had been released from hospital and was now at home and living at ours. Unfortunately, it was raining like mad and I could barely hear so the conversation was short.

The person in front of me in the queue was rather weird. She kept saying that she was going to snog Jonathan. So I mentioned you can't he's married and Anna's in there. She said 'So?'. Urm... It was funny because one of the volunteers was wearing a TRIXIN clothing hat which was a coincidence. It was the first time I'd seen anyone else wearing it, in person!

As the queue was beginning to dwindle down, apparently the organiser said that 'normal' people could join the back of the queue. I was furious! First of all, the volunteers had been telling people that you couldn't join the queue from the beginning, which meant that people had left disappointed. I'm all for being nice; sure some of them had travelled a long way but at the same time, I hate when rules are changed. It was quickly pointed out that it would be easier to see them in the dry tent than them walking about in the rain - true. Some people had travelled from Sweden - idiots. What made me angry was that some people were seeing them again - seriously?! Obviously I'm just impatient and Anna and Jonathan are much nicer people than me.

When I finally got into the tent, the woman and her daughter in front of me took forever. As they stayed chatting, I was getting more and more nervous as time went on. I could feel my hands getting sweatier and was just hoping I didn't act really stupid.

After literally 10 minutes, I felt bad for the people waiting behind me so I told myself I would be quick. As I walked up, Anna gave me a massive smile and a huge hug, quickly followed by Jonathan. The 'photographer' took my camera and I asked if they were signing anything. I came them each a card and a pen and they each wrote their signatures and messages. It was the sweetest. I wished I had said more and I honestly can't remember what I said because I was so honoured and over-whelmed. I was conscious of the queue so thanked them, more hugs, strokes of dogs and quick goodbyes. It was over.

It was a little bit disappointing to not be able to see the kids because I mean they're the cutest, but the dogs sufficed. It would have been hard with the kids because it was raining and they wouldn't have been able to run about. Anna and Jonathan are honestly some of the nicest people I've ever met. Especially out of the 3 YouTuber events that I've met, that was without a doubt the nicest and friendliest.

They never rushed anyone or said no. They were patient, kind and genuine. They each hugged every single person who came - a proper squeeze of a hug. They were honestly, the friendliest of friendly people.

So to Anna and Jonathan, you guys are an inspiration to me. You aren't the perfect family, nor do you claim to be, but you are a real and genuine loving family who care about others. I can only hope one day I can express the same about of love, the two of you share so openly. I may not agree with you on every decision but there will be no one in the world to whom I would make the exact same decision as. I know you do so well when you deal with hateful comments but remember that. No one is the same person but I know how to respect other people's decisions. I wish you and your little family the best with the future and I can't wait to continue to watch your family grow (with age not number...probably ;)).