Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Photo Addict: The Reason 📸

People often make comments on the number of pictures I make and yes, I take a lot. Probably too much sometimes but I will never apologise for that. Ever.

December 16th 2011 I lost my grandfather. I saw him almost every single day (at precisely 6pm he would walk through the door) from the age of 5; I lived with him for over a year. 

He was one of my inspirations in life and he taught me to always aspire to greatness and never give up on your dreams. His was having one of his horses win the Grand National. Every year he would breed horses in the hope they would be good enough. After all the generations of Rhubarb names: Rhubarb Renaissance, Rhubarb Royale, Rhubarb Regal Red, Rhubarb Essence, Red Rhubarb, Ruby Rhubarb, Rhubarb Rebellion ....and the list goes one. Watching the Grand National this weekend got me thinking about him so much. The owner that won was so happy, belated even and he had won 3 times now. What my grandfather would have given for that opportunity. 

For the year after he died, my mother got a framed picture for everyone in the family (grandma, sister, cousins, uncle and aunt) of themselves with our beloved 'Pop-Pop'. I remember being so, so excited for June 16th - the 6 month anniversary and my birthday - to get a picture to hang up in my room. As I went through all the gifts I soon realised there was none left and I hadn't got a picture. I remember my mum asking what was wrong and so I asked her where my picture was. She told me that she could not find a picture of the 2 of us together. I was devastated. 

As soon as I reached the age of around 6, I dreaded having pictures taken. I was very self-conscious and hated how I looked. There are very few pictures of that period of my life, but until that moment I didn't realise how few memories I had. 

My dad was always the photographer in the family and after my parents got divorced, I took upon myself to take the odd photo here and there. Everyone in the family had pictures to remember him because I had taken them, yet I had none. Or at least none that my mother nor father had been able to find. 

That's the day I realised I had to take photos every day. Capture every single special moment in time that happens; to remember it forever. 

I don't ever want to feel that alone again.

"Every second that you live is a second more in the past. Every picture that is taken captures those split seconds and stores them timelessly. Pictures are a chart of memories and moments that can be revisited as they were when the image is viewed. If a picture wasn’t taken, some precious memories would be lost forever." - http://www.picturecorrect.com/tips/why-take-a-picture/

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Teen Mom OG Anger 👶

A few nights ago, I watched an episode on Teen Mom OG and it infuriated me so much. It was a very emotional episode!

For those who don't know it is a documentary based TV show that revolves around the lives of Teen Mom's. It began when they were '16 and Pregnant' and followed with 4 seasons of 'Teen Mom'. The 3 girls are now back with new episodes but they are all in their mid-twenties now. Teen Mom: The Original Girls.

Catelynn and Tyler: Tyler posted a video of his daughter who was adopted and adoption parents were angry. My heart broke for this. I can understand how Cate only cares about HER seeing her daughter and not worrying about the public seeing posted pictures and videos but at the same time, it was suppose to be an open adoption. That involves having the right to post pictures of your daughter. She is still their daughter even though they're not the parents. If anything, Carly is so lucky to have not only 2 families that love her but also so many viewers that adore her.

Amber: Baby daddy drama after she gets out of jail. what did Amber expect when she went to prison! I don't think she has changed at all and she always makes Gary seem like the ad guy in front of Leah. No you don't do that; you act like something else is bothering you. You don't put the other parent in the bad light. Gary is trying to put a schedule on for the benefit of your child and you were the one that ran over time and promised something you knew you could not fulfill.

 Maci: Having to deal with her baby daddy not willing it communicate. She is probably one of the most patient and admirable mothers out there. Not only is she amazing with Bentley but she knows how to co-parent and she tries. Even when Ryan shows up late-AGAIN-she is still patient. I hope the conversation helped she forced him to have, finally changed but I doubt it. It has already been 6 years so why would he change now. I think, in all honesty, he should have no time with Bentley until he starts to pull his weight. Clearly all responsibility is on Maci and Ryan needs to step up.