Monday, 26 May 2014


Hi Everyone,

So I am planning on doing a post every Monday. I am not making any promises but I think I'll probably write one when I'm ready to write something and then schedule it to go live at the same time each week. 

But back to today's post! As promised, everything you need to know about me...the TMI Tag! 

Now no one has tagged me to do this but I'm new, so I am going to do it anyway...hehe. 
  1. What is my full name? Hannah Elizabeth Slack
    In case you missed the first post, this is what I look like :) Unfortunately I got an iPhone for Christmas and since I have become a slight 'selfie-taker addict' 
  2. How old am I? 18 years old...nearly!
  3. Where do I live? Wakefield in Yorkshire, England
  4. Who do I live with? I live with my Mum, younger sister and my mother's boyfriend. FYI: My dad is still in the picture and he lives 20 minutes away from my house. I tend to go to his house every other weekend, but we talk all the time :)
    This is from my Aunt's 50th birthday party back in April 
  5. Siblings? I have 2 older sisters and one younger sister: Victoria (29), Catherine (27) and Jessica (16)
  6. Job? I am currently an A-Level student in college so I am currently revising and cramming for my exams
  7. Have I ever been in love? I have never been in love...but I am only 18!
  8. Height? I am 163cm tall
  9. Tattoos? I don't have any tattoos and I probably will never get one because I'm PETRIFIED of needles!
  10. Piercings? I have my ears pierced in the traditional place on the ear lobe which I had done on GCSE results day when I was 15... I was feeling very brave!
  11. Favourite television show? Ohhhh, that is a really hard question so I will have to pick 3! My favourite tv shows are: Grey's Anatomy, One Tree Hill and The Vampire Diaries 
  12. Favourite colour? Purple *cough cough* the background
  13. Favourite band? The Script; I love them! Especially 'If You See Kay' :) 
  14. Something I miss? My oldest sister, Victoria, had my first niece a year and a half ago, called Hallie Rose, and I miss her every day
    The top picture is of my sisters: Catherine, Jessica, Victoria and I; the baby is Hallie Rose
    We hardly have any pictures of us together because all my sisters hate having their photo taken so it never happens!
  15. Favourite song? Soulmate by Natasha Bedingfield
  16. Zodiac sign? My birth date is the 16th June 1996 so I am a Gemini! 
  17. Favourite film? A Cinderella Story. It's not an oscar-winning film but I love the story line and quite simply, Chad Michael Murray + Hilary Duff = <3 
  18. Favourite quote? This is actually linked to the question above: Never let the fear of striking out, keep you from playing the game
  19. Favourite actor? Hilary Duff and Rachel McAdams, Channing Tatum and Alex Pettyfer
  20. Loud or soft music? LOUD! Always loud...and always getting told off for it ;)
  21. How long does it take me to shower? I have a shower every morning which takes like literally, 5 minutes. Just a quick in and out to wake me up in a morning. Then every 3 nights I wash my hair on an evening which takes like half an hour. In my defence, I have a lot of hair that needs washing!
  22. Ever been in a physical fight? Other than with my little sister, no. But everyone does that right?
  23. Favourite food? Ever since I went to Italy to Lake Garda 3 years ago, I have been addicted to LEMON SORBET! Mmmmmm
  24. Do I play an instrument? I used to play the guitar and I still can a little bit, but my goal of the summer is to get back!
  25. Favourite jewellery? My dad got me a gorgeous necklace 5 years ago for Christmas and since then I have worn it nearly every day: J'adore. It's a half sterling silver and half rose gold heart that interlocks
    Sorry for the bad quality picture, my bedroom has really bad lighting :') I did try to get an official picture but the necklace is from Espree which does limited range jewellery. They are always of high quality and gorgeous!
  26. Favourite hobby? I love reading, but a big passion of mine is Formula One. I watch it all, from practices to qualifying to the race
  27. Favourite book? The Host by Stephanie Meyer. She isn't as well known for this book as The Twilight Saga but I tend to pick the less obvious favourites, not cliché 
  28. Celeb crush? Alex Pettyfer. It has been since he was in Stormbreaker!
  29. What am I most worried about? A-Levels at the moment 
  30. What am I most excited about? I am super excited for the summer because I have tickets to go to the British Grand Prix and I can't wait! #BelieveInMcLaren #BelieveInButton 

Hope this didn't bore anyone too much and it was somewhat interesting :) I now tag all of you to do this tag. I would love to hear more about you! 

Stay tuned! Hannah xxx

Saturday, 24 May 2014


Hi Everyone,

I am brand new to blogging, not just to this channel but blogging full stop. I have recently started to watch a lot of YouTube videos and through this I have been lead to blogs. My favourite is, without-a-doubt, Anna Saccone (! Girls...if you are interested in fashion, beauty and mummy posts, it is definitely worth a read. :) 

I feel like many people use blogs as a way to communicate with others and share their lives with everyone so I thought I would give it a try. Maybe I can meet some people and make some friends! 

To start off here are just some quick pictures from this year to introduce you to ME! 

January-February: I have been travelling the country this year, going to interviews for university. After my last, I was so relieved that they were all over, pleased none of them went disastrously. 

20 April: This year my mother and I spent Easter Sunday travelling around Yorkshire, seeing my family and handing out my 18th birthday party invitations (I can't wait for that, but more about that later)! I am 100% a family-orientated girl and I love being able to spend time with everyone; luckily most of them live fairly close. 
16 May: I'm from England, so traditionally it is very cold and wet and miserable. However recently, we have been blessed with some gorgeous sunny, summery days. 
23 May: Yesterday was my last ever day of college! It was sad to know that I won't be seeing all the friends I have made over the last two years again, but at the same time I have made a lot of new friends and I have some great memories. Rachel is one of the girls I met in Geography and we became extra close when we went to Iceland together. This is our signature pose ;)
23 May: To celebrate the last day of college, a group of friends and I planned a full night of fun. We went to Xscape, Castleford to watch Bad Neighbours at the cinema - so funny! We then went out for tea and after bowling. It was a well deserved break from revision.

Well I'll be back soon with a TMI post with everything you need to know about me...and some things you don't. 

Stay tuned! Hannah xxx